4 Ways To Safely Dispose of Unwanted Tech Devices

Tech devices seem to become outdated almost as soon as they are released, leading many people to accumulate a pile of gear that is no longer in use. If that sounds familiar, consider these four ways to safely dispose of those electronics. 

1. Donate Working Devices to Charity

Although it is hard for some people to imagine, there are many people who are unable to afford new tech. Instead, they rely on using computers or tablets at public libraries or schools. For these people, a donation of a gently used device can make a huge difference in work or school. Consider donating unwanted tech items to a charity that will clean out data and restore them to factory settings before passing them on to an individual in need. 

2. Recycle Broken and Outdated Gear

In most places, electronics are not allowed in curbside pickup. In fact, they usually cannot go into the landfill at all. That means you need to find an alternative for tech devices that are very outdated or broken beyond repair. Many areas have recycling facilities that accept e scrap and will be happy to take your old gear. 

3. Sell Functional Tech

Another option is to sell your gear. Online resellers make this easy, but there are a few words of caution. First, it is a good idea to meet buyers in secure areas and bring someone along with you. Also, you must ensure any data has been completely removed from the devices before handing them over.  

4. Trade Them In for an Upgrade

Many manufacturers or retail stores allow you to trade in old devices for credit toward your new ones. So, if you haven’t purchased a replacement yet, this could be a good solution. Be aware that most places only accept newer items and that you may get more by selling the items yourself.

Electronics are usually not allowed in the regular trash. However, in most cases, they can be donated, recycled, sold or traded in to make room for new gear.