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Lighting Options for Your Home

You might not think too much about lighting in your home until you’re sitting in the dark or squinting trying to see properly under a dim bulb. Actually, though, you can use lighting to make your home both bright and stylish. Read on for a few ideas.

Built-in Lights

You can brighten up your home by doing some remodeling to add built-in lights. These might include recessed lighting Passaic County NJ. You could choose from “can lights,” some of which have a diffuser over the bulb, or “wall washer lights” that create an elaborate pattern of light and shadow on walls. Other built-in lights may highlight a piece of art or a feature of the room. You can use all of these to great effect to produce the right mood for any room.

Expressive Fixtures

You might also incorporate expressive light fixtures into your home. Think in terms of beautifully designed chandeliers and pendant lights in your kitchen or family room. Even regular ceiling light fixtures don’t have to be boring. Choose ones with interesting designs and colors. You could even try track lighting in places for extra light and appeal.

Lamps Galore

Lamps can add style and fun to your home as well as illumination. Choose matching sets of floor and table lamps for some rooms, or mix and match patterns and colors in others. You might even try non-traditional forms, which will allow your lamps to double as conversation pieces and give you a source of delight and amusement every time you turn them on.

The Right Bulbs

Finally, don’t neglect to use the right bulbs. Many light fixtures recommend a maximum wattage, so don’t exceed that. Otherwise, blend various brightnesses and colors of lights in a room, but be sure you have bright, clear lights for reading and projects as well as softer lights for conversation areas.

Your lighting choices can make a major contribution to the comfort of your home, so do your research, and have some fun.