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    Common Features of Floral Paintings

    The characteristics of floral paintings differ but have a few things in common. These characteristics include the use of asymmetrical balance, asymmetrical coloration, and close-ups of flowers. Botanical illustrators used these features to show the perfect version of each plant. Here are a few other common features: Gradation of colors from light to dark There are two types of color gradation. The first is smooth and suggests ambiguity, while the second is sharp and suggestive of change. A smooth gradation suggests a gradual change in the subject. A sharp gradation suggests a dramatic change. Artists use

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    What To Do With Your Pet When You Go on Vacation

    Pets and vacations can be a tricky combination. It is often difficult to take your pet with you, especially if you dog is afraid of the car or you cat howls loudly for the entire trip. To make life a little easier for yourself and you pet, you can consider asking a friend to help, hiring a pet sitter or boarding your pet at a professional kennel when you go on vacation. Ask a Friend The easiest solution to the pets and vacations problem may be asking a friend to check on your pet