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    4 Ways To Safely Dispose of Unwanted Tech Devices

    Tech devices seem to become outdated almost as soon as they are released, leading many people to accumulate a pile of gear that is no longer in use. If that sounds familiar, consider these four ways to safely dispose of those electronics.  1. Donate Working Devices to Charity Although it is hard for some people to imagine, there are many people who are unable to afford new tech. Instead, they rely on using computers or tablets at public libraries or schools. For these people, a donation of a gently used device can make a

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    How To Free Up Space on Your Mobile Phone

    Smart phones can be useful for business and entertainment due to their various features. Unfortunately, this also means they can run out of space due to increased content and use. A phone with full storage can have limited capabilities and constant malfunctions. Avoid the dreaded storage notification by following these tips.   Manage Your Space Deleting content from your phone is the simplest solution, yet it is made difficult if you want to keep some mobile apps Denton TX or have too many photos to delete. One way to manage the internal storage is to go to