How To Free Up Space on Your Mobile Phone

Smart phones can be useful for business and entertainment due to their various features. Unfortunately, this also means they can run out of space due to increased content and use. A phone with full storage can have limited capabilities and constant malfunctions. Avoid the dreaded storage notification by following these tips.  

Manage Your Space

Deleting content from your phone is the simplest solution, yet it is made difficult if you want to keep some mobile apps Denton TX or have too many photos to delete. One way to manage the internal storage is to go to Settings and find the storage space section. Your phone will show how much space goes towards: 

  • Mobile apps
  • Photos and videos
  • Music  
  • Contacts
  • Other system data

This organization makes it easier to decide what to keep and what to delete. There are also file manager apps you can install that further streamline the process. 

Move Your Files 

Even if you have been selective over which photos, videos and other files to keep, you might still need more storage for your device. Make room without sacrificing more files by moving them to other locations. A cloud can be the safest choice, but remember that only a limited storage amount is free. You can also upload them to a computer or other compatible devices with an USB cable. Post them to a social media site to share them with others while keeping them safe.  

Clear the Cache

When you browse the internet or use an app, your phone will remember your actions so it can suggest similar steps and make usage simpler and faster. Some of this cached information can be obsolete, yet it can take up enough storage to cause slowdowns and crashes. Go to the storage section under Settings and choose to clear the cache to gain some space and improve performance. 

Mobile phones can gain large amounts of unused or useless data over time that can degrade their functions. Keep your phone in great shape by finding ways to control storage.