4 Small But Significant Changes for Your Office

Even small changes can make a big difference in creating an office that is more efficient and easier to manage. Whether you work out of your home or have an office in a multistory building, you can improve your work space. Read on for some ideas.


Your office will function better if it is organized. Install some shelving, and stack all your supplies in well-labeled boxes. Sort your paperwork into filing cabinets or file boxes, and label each drawer or box so that you can find everything at a glance. Use stackable trays on your desk to arrange papers and files by project, due date or level of completion. Even put a desk organizer in your middle desk drawer to be able to grab what you need without hunting for it.


You might also think about adjusting the layout of your office to make it more efficient. If you have to walk across the room to get to the printer, for instance, move it closer to your desk to save time and steps. Also, make sure the files you use the most are nearby so that you only have to turn around to access them.


Sometimes you may want to experiment with different layouts in order to find just the right one. You can do this more easily if you install casters on your office furniture and roll it instead of lift it. Use spring loaded casters to reduce jolting and noise. You might find yourself appreciating the flexibility such mobility allows.


Finally, make your office more relaxing by hanging up some colorful artwork, adding a few photographs or knickknacks to your shelves and adjusting the lighting with a desk lamp or unique light fixture. You could even play some music if possible. Make sure your office chair is comfortable, too, and your desk is the right height and size.

Your office can be a more efficient and comfortable work space with only a few small changes, so try some out today.