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The Most Common Summer Roofing Problems

As the temperature continues to warm up, homeowners are starting to cross items off of their spring cleaning lists. This includes the roof. In addition to brushing off the pollen and cleaning out the gutters, it is important to carry out routine roofing maintenance as well. This will help prevent a few common problems from arising down the road.

Leaking Roof

leaking roof can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a home before people even realize there is a problem. When cleaning a roof, it is important to know where leaks tend to develop. Some of the most frequent places for roofing leaks to arise include near the chimney, at flashpoints, near gutters, and between skylights. These are places where the shingles of the roof tend to shift slightly to accommodate these additional items. This also makes these locations vulnerable to leaks.

Standing Water on the Roof

During the winter, people might not look at their roofs much. Snow and leaves tend to conceal the rest of the structure. As snow and ice start to melt, water might pool around deficiencies in the roofing structure. While standing water might not sound like a big problem, it can damage the roof over time. Water is a corrosive material and it can damage wood, shingles, and more. Eventually, this might even lead to a leak. It is critical for homeowners to take a look at where standing water might pool. Then, call the best roofer in St Louis to handle this issue.

Splitting Shingles and Tiles

During this time of year, splitting is a major problem. When the temperatures start to rise, the tiles and shingles will expand. If the roof is tightly constructed, the tiles and shingles might start to collide. This causes them to split and bend. Particularly for roofs that have been installed or repaired recently, it is essential to take a close look at the tiles and shingles. Even though the structure needs to be tight, there should be a little bit of roof so the shingles can expand when summer arrives.

Trust Professional Roofers

These are major problems that should be repaired properly the first time. Some homeowners may try to fix these issues themselves in an attempt to save money. Sadly, if the repair is not conducted properly, this might make the issue worse. Therefore, trust professional roofers to get the job done properly.