Why You Need Marble Floors

Whether you are remodeling or building, choosing the right kind of flooring can be a challenge. You need to find the right kind of stone or wood that matches your wants and needs. There are many benefits of choosing marble as your flooring choice, and here are a few of the main reasons.

It Has A Stunning Look

If you’re looking for elegance, marble is the best choice. The stone shines, bringing a beautiful glow to your room or hallway. It’s a classic material used in some of the prettiest interior designs. Consider building a beautiful staircase or getting marble tabletops as well to top off the look.

The fascinating veins also bring variety to your home. By using marble in your home, you can increase your property value. There are many designs and colors of marble you can choose from. Get a bright, shining look to illuminate the home or choose the classy, dark design to add some style.

It is Relatively Low Maintenance

Marble is easy to clean. Any food or mud stain can be wiped away easily, leaving no residue. However, marble does need to be taken care of regularly to maintain an unscratched, polished look. Like any flooring option, there are steps you can take to preserve it throughout the years. Invest in regular marble polishing Manhattan NY for best results.

It Has High Durability

Although it does need maintenance, don’t be afraid of marble’s durability in the home. Marble is incredibly strong and long-lasting, as we can see from the hundreds of historic landmarks made with the elegant material. It’s also heat resistant and keeps the home cooler.

How To Get Started

If you are convinced that marble is the right flooring for you, keep in mind that there are hundreds of marble varieties. Most fall under these three categories.

Carrara: This has been a popular choice for hundreds of years. It is known for its lighter color and grey veins.

Breccia: This kind of marble has more color choices and is often darker. Breccia designs have bigger swirls and more interesting streaks.

Calacatta: This style appears purer in color. The white background contrasts with the deep veins.

Find the color and style of marble that best fits your house’s interior design. For areas with more natural lighting, your marble flooring can glow and enhance the room’s atmosphere. There are many great qualities of marble. With careful maintenance, these floors can look brand new for years.