3 Styles of Decor for Your New House

Once you find the perfect home, your next step is to find new furniture. The style of your furniture will portray your personality to your guests. For this reason, it is important to think carefully about what kind of furniture you will put in your new home. While there are many different styles, three of the main categories are country, French, and minimalist. If you already know your style, these categories can be combined or altered to fit your own aesthetic, but if you are new to decor and furniture stylings, it is beneficial to stick to one, base style.


The first style, country, has a very laid back, rural feel to it. Country furnishings have a lot of wood and leather. The items will also be available in earthy tones, such as shades of brown or cream. Country beds and furniture are typically made only of wood, but may have bronze fittings. Using natural elements and earthy tones will ensure your home is warm and welcoming to your guests. Country furnishings are not typically opulent and grand, but they can still be unique. Using different types of wood can help you maintain a unique, yet warm style.


French furniture is much more opulent and bold than country furniture. French beds and furniture will have a lot of gold or silver embellishments and commonly will have a sculpted or engraved parts. French style will evoke a sense of wealth and grandeur. Many pieces are large in scale and ooze luxury. If this is the look you are aiming for, a French style may be perfect for you.

Minimalist Modern

Finally, the minimalist modern style is one of the newer styles. This style focuses on owning a few, purposefully placed items. While in country or French styles, you may have a lot of small decorations to aid the style design, in minimalist modern you will use very few. This style focuses on a more industrial feel, using concrete and metal together. In this style, you are evoking a sense of nonchalance and nonconformity. The minimalist modern style shows that you do not need a lot of things to be happy.

While there are many other styles as well as ways to combine styles, it is important to have a base to work from. Make sure to think of exactly what you want to portray with your furniture and that will help you find the perfect style for your home.