Making Your Move More Successful

Moving may not be your idea of a fun way to spend a few days, but it will definitely feel like time-well-spent, especially if you follow a few basic tips. Going blindly into preparing for a move can leave you frustrated and unproductive. There is a lot of decision-making that goes into a successful move and the ideas below can provide a bit of balance for the process.

Stay on Schedule

One mistake that is commonly made is that people wait until the last minute to pack for a move. Allow yourself ample time to feel tired, have a hard time making decisions, and get overwhelmed. Try to have at least a week between the time you sign on a new place and have to be out of the old one. If it is not too far away, it may help to take a load with all of the larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, beds and dressers, and the dining room set, as well as any appliances you may be taking with you and don’t absolutely need for the time being. For instance, keep your microwave, but send the oven. Moving these items allows you plenty of room to spread out and sort the remaining items.

Organize Your Boxes

Obtain a good supply of the sturdy packing boxes St Louis residents like to use for a move. Put a supply in each room, along with a couple of black markers and a roll of colored tape – choose a different color for each room. Close the box with the colored tape or add a strip on the side and write on the tape with the marker. Include on the label, the room the box will be taken to and name one or two items in the box. For instance, put a strip of orange tape on the side and label it “Master bedroom – Books.” Organizing in this way helps you find what you are looking for until you have a chance to unpack everything, and also prevents shuffling through 30 boxes to find the one item you wanted. You should also mark whether there are fragile items in the box.

There is nothing quite so daunting as facing packing up an entire apartment or house all by yourself. Bribe some friends with pizza and drinks to come and help for a few hours on a Saturday. With some organization and preparation you may just be able to look forward to your move.