How To Bring Personality Into Your Home

Sometimes, our homes don’t feel very homey. Your home should provide you with comfort and joy. It should also be a space that represents your personality. Creating your dream space doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Here are a few simple tips to add personality to your home.

Add Visual Appeal

It is often easiest to express your personality through visual elements in your home. Many people display artwork they enjoy or collectible objects that represent their passions. Feel free to think outside of the box when adding elements of visual appeal. A decorative fire screen or statement throw pillows can showcase your personality while also providing function to your living room.

Display Your Achievements

Show who you are through the many things you have achieved in life. Display your diploma in a beautiful frame. Hang medals or awards from decorative racks. Showcase items you have created or trophies you have won to serve as a daily reminder of all the unique elements that make up your personality.

Go Green

Adding flowers or plants instantly brings life to any room. Let your personality shine through by featuring the plants you enjoy the most. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of cleaner air since houseplants are natural air purifiers. Dried flowers are a great option for those who feel they lack a green thumb. Don’t forget to carefully curate the pots and vases.

Play With Furniture

It can be surprising how simply rearranging furniture can completely change the feel of a room. Think about the purpose you want each room to serve. Then see if the furniture can be moved to better fulfill that purpose. If you find that your current furniture doesn’t meet your expectations, shop for fresh pieces that better fit your personality.

Consider the Details

Sometimes the smallest things can provide the most personality. Adding candles to rooms to create warm light and tantalizing scents might appeal to you. Maybe changing up your dishes could spark joy with every meal. Adding plush throw blankets and decorative pillows to your bedroom might make it feel like a Palace. Think about the little details that would really make your personality show through in each and every room of your home.

No matter if you rent or own, you can create a home that showcases your personality. Consider these tips to help you create a space you enjoy coming home to every single day.