Benefits of Granite Countertops

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, or just need a change, your countertop is a great place to start. Switching up a counter can make an entire room look completely different. While choosing the right type of material can be confusing, you’ll never go wrong with granite. Here are four rock-solid benefits to installing an enduring granite countertop.

Extreme Durability

One of the most attractive features of a granite countertops is its extreme durability. Granite counters last forever and are resistant to both scratches and heat. While you could actually cut on a granite surface, it’s not recommended as it’s hard enough to dull your knives. Granite can even handle the temperature of a pan right out of the oven without melting or sustaining damage. 

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops are very low maintenance. They wipe clean and retain their beautiful shine. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking, granite is a porous surface. Some homeowners opt to reseal their countertops after several years and this is easily achieved on your own. A sealant is applied much like a cleanser and is simply wiped off. When you have your countertops Mequon installed, ask the experts what they recommend.

Stunning Appearance

Granite countertops are available in an endless amount of colors and patterns. You’ll need plenty of time to choose your favorite. When selecting a slab of granite, pay close attention to all the flecks of color to see what coordinates best with your room. No two pieces of granite are exactly alike, making your counters different than anyone else’s. Once installed, the counter’s stunning appearance will be the first thing you see when walking into the kitchen.

Added Value

Granite countertops are a terrific investment in your kitchen, lasting years longer than other types of surfaces. If you decide to sell your home in the future, having granite makes your home more valuable and appealing to buyers. Kitchens are one of the biggest deciding factors in purchasing a home, and granite would make your house an attractive buy.

A Beautiful Choice

When choosing new countertops for your home, granite is not only the most beautiful choice, it’s the easiest to take care of, too. Be sure to have it professionally installed so it’s placed correctly and there’s no risk of cracks. Once your new counters are installed, you’ll find yourself looking for more and more excuses to make a trip to the kitchen.