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4 Tips For Hiring Reliable Contractors

There are many reasons why an individual homeowner or a business would need to work with a contractor on a project, from installing a new roof to revamping the electrical system. No matter what the reason is, anyone who works with a contractor should follow the same basic guidelines when trying to hire a reliable company. Research should be conducted, bids obtained, references checked and contracts read carefully before signing.

1. Conduct Research

It is the job of the contractor to fully understand what they are doing and complete projects in a professional and timely manner. However, it is the job of the person needing the work to have enough of an understanding of what will happen so that they can hire intelligently. The cost and potential scope of the project should be understood before a single contractor is called for a bid.

2. Get Multiple Bids

Many contractors who meet with potential customers for the first time are personable and give off an air of confidence about the capabilities of their company. They may try to talk about additional work or create a bid that does not include everything that needs to be done, such as pulling permits with the help of a DOT permit expeditor.

3. Check References

No matter how trustworthy the contractor seems to be, it is always a good idea to do a thorough check on the quality of their work and the happiness of their past and previous customers. Ask to visit their current job sites and then monitor the professionalism of the workers and the quality of the project. Visit review sites online to get an idea of what previous customers experienced.

4. Read Contracts Carefully

Even if the contractor verbally goes over the contract, it is a good idea to read it carefully before signing. It should contain a detailed overview of the project, including a timeline and a start date. It should also breakdown all of the costs for everything and have a payment schedule so that everyone knows how much will be paid and when it is due. All permits, supplies and subcontractors should be listed and proof of insurance provided so that the homeowner or business owner will not be liable for accidents.

Hiring a contractor to complete a project can be a wonderful way to save time and resources trying to do it alone or with the help of friends or family members. While it is always possible that unexpected things will occur, as long as steps are taken to ensure the right contractor is hired, the project will likely go smoothly.