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Can Snow Removal Be Fun?

It’s the ninth snowstorm of the winter and you are starting to get tired of it. Isn’t it over yet? Your snowblower hardly has time to melt off in the garage before you are out using it again. Here are some things you can do to spice things up a bit and lighten the monotony of snow removal.

Make It a Race

If you have teenagers, shovel a line down the middle of the driveway and offer a prize to the one who gets his or her side cleared more quickly. Your children may be more willing to help with the chore if you make it a competition. Teach them how to hold the shovel near their bodies so they don’t overreach and strain themselves.

Be sure to use plastic blades if you are shoveling brick. You can also spray the shovel’s blade with some cooking spray before you start to help the snow slide off more easily. By starting them in the center and having them go from there to the edges out, you will quickly have the driveway cleared.

Take Pictures

If you get lots of snow and have several children, you can pose them by the piles of snow at the side of the driveway to see whose height most closely matches that of the snow. Anybody taller than the snow pile gets to help with the snow removal.

Have a Contest

If you are blessed with a wet, heavy snow, you can get your children to invite their friends over for a snow party. Who doesn’t love to build a snowman? Have them make their snowballs by rolling the snow across your driveway, thus clearing the space to make the most of their snowmen. If the snow is extra heavy, be sure to use a roof load calculator to make sure your roof is handling the storm well and arrange for removal if it is warranted.

Turn on the Tunes

If you put on some headphones and listen to your favorite upbeat music, it can help the time go by more quickly if you end up on your own with a snowblower.

Keep the Ice Off

Once you’ve removed snow from your sidewalk, you want it to remain free of ice so people don’t slip and fall. Be sure to use calcium chloride if you have concrete rather than rock salt. If you are not worried about ice but do want some traction, try some kitty litter or crushed lava rock.