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Top Advantages of Boarding Your Cat

Many cats are known for their self-sufficient nature which makes them easy to care for. Despite your kitty’s fierce independence, a cat should never be left alone for more than a day. If you’re planning a vacation or need to leave home, here are the top advantages of boarding your cat.

Safe Environment

When you think of boarding animals, your first thoughts turn to kennels. However, a cat boarding accommodation is an increasingly popular way to protect your cat while you’re away. Comfy kitty condos keep cats safe from danger and they’ll receive any medication they need while you’re gone.

Less Traumatizing to Your Pet

While some cats do very well on their own, they rely on you more than you know. Cats are accustomed to having people around and an extended absence can be traumatizing to a pet. Boarding a cat ensures there’s a caring human around to keep her company.

Easier Than Taking the Cat Along

If you considered taking your cat along on vacation, know that he probably won’t enjoy it as much as you hope. Although there’s always an exception, most cats become anxious when riding in a car or a carrier. With boarding, he’ll be safe in one stable location where toys and love are abundant.

No Bothering Family or Friends

Another advantage to boarding is that you won’t have to burden family or friends with the task of caring for your cat. Someone else’s house might not be cat-friendly and you don’t want to run the risk of your pet running away. In your own home, a cat might hide from a caregiver adding to the overall stress.

When you need to leave home for a few days, don’t leave your cat all alone. With boarding accommodations, your feline friend will be safe, cared for and you’ll have peace of mind.