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Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy is the most abundant, renewable electricity resource on the planet. Investments in solar power have consistently increased in recent decades due to expanded discussions on climate change, its incredible efficiency advancements and its cost reductions. However, solar investment New Jersey should be carefully considered.


Your location and the location of your solar panels will determine the efficiency of your system. For example, northern states will have to invest in larger systems to produce the same energy that southern states produce on smaller systems. If your panels are shaded by buildings or trees, your power generation will be affected.

Your panels should be installed in direct sunlight, and they should receive sunlight most of the day. Some panels actually follow the sun, while others are stationary. The location, roof, ground or pole-mounted panels, will determine whether your panels are stationary or move. Finally, orientation and tilt can change your generation capacity. For example, if your panels lay flat or tilt and are oriented toward the north or east, you will receive significantly less power than panels that are tilted slightly and oriented toward the south.


If you will be installing solar panels on your roof, you should have your roof inspected. Be sure to repair your roof before installing the panels. In addition, a structural engineer should test your roof to ensure it can handle the extra weight of the panels. Your roof’s shape and orientation will also determine the size and efficiency of your panels. Ideally, you will have a large, flat roof that sits at a 30-45-degree tilt and faces south to south west.

Solar panel equipment can divert water on your roof away from your drainage systems, causing leaks and other water damage to your home. Therefore, consult with a contractor to develop a drainage plan. In addition, solar equipment may be damaged by severe weather.


Will you be connected to the grid? If yes, you need to learn how long you will have to wait to be connected and what fees you will have to pay for this connection. Also, some electricity companies will credit you for the electricity you will generate, while others will not. Learn whether you will be credited and when this credit will show up on your account.

Solar power systems are a significant investment. Although they add value to your home and property, this investment should not be taken lightly. Consult a reputable solar power company to develop the best system and installation plan for your needs.