Ready Your Home for Winter

With cooler weather around the corner, it’s a good idea for homeowners like you to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Having a home maintenance list is a best practice to keep so you get everything done and don’t accidentally overlook a crucial home project. If you don’t have a to-do list to prepare your home for winter, here are some common ideas to put on your home maintenance list.

Roof Inspection

You should inspect your roof before and after the cold weather season to be sure it’s in good condition. Check yours before winter arrives and address any issues right away by hiring experts at roof repair and maintenance Stamford CT

Landscape Maintenance

Conduct routine landscaping maintenance around your home so it’s ready for the winter months. Rake or mulch any leaves that are in your yard to prevent unwanted critters from making a home in them. Trim back tree branches that could be a hazard to your home during wind or ice storms. 

HVAC Upkeep

During cooler weather months, your HVAC system will work hard to keep your home warm. Prepare your HVAC system to tackle the cooler months by hiring professionals to come clean and inspect your furnace. By conducting a routine cleaning and inspection, your HVAC system will maintain optimal performance and may even last longer than if you neglect this important maintenance. 

Caulk Windows

Prevent energy loss and help your home retain heat by caulking around your windows. Sealing any cracks, gaps, or inconsistencies around your home can keep heat inside your home and may potentially lower your monthly utility bills.

These home maintenance tips can help you keep your home in good condition during the cooler weather months. Add them to your yearly maintenance list to help your home retain its value and allow you to stay on top of issues before they arise.