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Making Your Home Safe for Baby

Preparing for the arrival of a baby can be an exciting time in your life; however, the long list of to-dos you suddenly have to move to the ‘to-done’ side of the equation can prove to be equally as daunting as it is exciting. At the top of that list should be the tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure the safety of your child. Completing the tasks before baby arrives will help ensure they aren’t overlooked once the baby grows and is more mobile, when the safety steps are paramount. 

Cover the Corners

Sharp corners of counter-tops, tables and fireplace mantles seem to be the perfect landing spot for the heads of little ones who are just learning to walk. Invest in corner protectors that simply cover the corner and protect children from sharp protruding edges. A quick walk through your home should reveal the danger spots quickly; there’s a decent chance you’ve bumped your own legs or hips on areas of concern. 

Plug the Outlets

Outlets are oftentimes the most magnetic of places for small children, as all children seem to be drawn to touching them and sticking whatever they can into the tiny holes. Outlet plugs are cheap and easy to install. Simply inset the plug into the socket and ta-da! That’s it! Be sure to check your outlets frequently, as some plugs can fall out over time, and as children get older, they can get creative and learn to remove them. 

Check Your Meds

One place you might not think about in terms of baby safety is your medicines. While it’s a requirement for most medications to have tamper-evident caps as an added safety precaution for children, do a quick double-check of all of your bottles to ensure that that they have a childproof cap and that the cap is in good working order; you also want to make sure your medications are kept in a non-accessible area. 

Secure Your Furniture

An often overlooked safety hazard is your furniture – especially furniture that could be prone to tipping over. Items like dressers and tall, freestanding cabinets can easily fall on children if they try to climb on them to reach something at the top. You can now buy straps that will help fasten your furniture to the wall to keep it from toppling over on a young child. 

Sharp corners, outlets, medications, and furniture can prove to be safety obstacles within your own home. Minimizing their risk early on, in addition to following other tips for baby-proofing your home, can help minimize the risks your children face and help establish a happy, healthy home for both you and your little loves.