How to Keep Your Building Looking Spotless

Potential customers will be turned off by the dirty exterior of any place of business. It’s important to keep up curb appeal at the site of your business. There are basic steps you can take regularly to ensure your business will wow your customer from the moment they pull up to the parking lot.

Keep up the Parking Lot

Don’t allow your parking lot to fall into disrepair. Potential clients will be immediately wary if they have to drive through a parking lot littered with potholes. Frankly, they’ll be apprehensive if they find just plain litter as well.  Promptly take care of potholes by having them filled. Take care of other debris as well. Consider hiring a street sweeping Tacoma company to keep your business looking fresh.

Maintain the Building Exterior

Have your building power washed at least once every few years to keep the exterior clean and bright. Dingy buildings distract customers and give the impression that you are inattentive to details. You want to send the message to customers that you are on top of things and maintaining a place of business you can be proud of is a good start.

Update the Landscaping

Garden beds full of weeds or overgrown hedges leave visitors distracted and uneasy. Invest in a landscaping crew, or take the time to care for your business property on your own. You want potential customers to be impressed with your vision and careful planning from their first glimpse of your building, so updated landscaping will be money well spent.

Upkeep the Interior

Just as the first sight of the outside of your business speaks volumes, so, too will the inside. Ensure that the entryway is always spotless and freshly painted. Create a welcoming environment from the moment your customers enter the building with flattering lighting and comfortable seating. Depending on the type of business you run, you may want to consider offering refreshments such as water, coffee and tea in or near your entryway. Additionally, ensure all restrooms are clean and sanitary. There’s nothing worse than stepping into a dirty restroom, and many customers won’t return if this is the case at your place of business.

Everyone knows that first impressions last, so be sure to leave your visitors with a positive one of your place of business. Start by keeping up the parking lot, maintaining the building exterior, updating the landscaping and upkeeping the interior.