DIY & Rennovation

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Patio or Deck

Does your patio or deck desperately need an update? You can transform your patio or deck into a living space you will want to use every day. Here are some ideas to update your outdoor patio or deck to create a beautiful space you can enjoy for years.

Consider Cleaning and Painting

Pressure washing your deck or patio can be one of the quickest ways to update your deck or patio. Whether you hire a company or do it yourself, pressure washing can make an old deck or patio seem like new. Consider painting the floor of your deck a fun color in contrast to the railing. A fun pattern could also be a striking focal point. 

Invest in Some New Furniture

Choosing new furniture for your patio or deck can transform your space and provide outdoor seating. Furniture can also help you extend the personal style of your home, whether traditional, contemporary or rustic. You can also extend your home by adding a grill or additional space for entertainment. 

Add a Shade or Canopy

A shade or canopy can not only improve your deck visually but also make your outdoor living space more comfortable. Shades or retractable pergola canopies can protect you from the sun or light rain. Shades and canopies can come in many styles and colors. A retractable shade or canopy will allow you to change your outdoor experience and adjust to changing temperatures.

Invest in New Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting is an affordable investment that can create a major impact. Replace outdated light fixtures with new wall sconces that reflect your style. Vintage lanterns or hanging lights can add mood lighting and visual impact. Recessed lighting can illuminate railings and stairs. Adding twinkle lights is a quick and affordable way to create a bright and lively atmosphere for entertaining.

Attract Attention With Decor

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to update your patio or deck is by adding decor and small furniture pieces. Choosing a new set of outdoor pillows in a vibrant shade or themed to match the season can refresh a neutral color palette.

Your outdoor living area can reflect your style while offering a place to relax and have fun. Whether you want a place to entertain or add to your family’s living space, a few changes can make your outdoor living space more enjoyable for your family all year round.