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5 Reasons To Love Living in Florida

There is no question about it: Living in Florida is a sun lover’s dream. For millions of Americans, this state is the place where they call home. If you are thinking about moving here, you are not alone.

Before deciding on one of the many beautiful properties for sale Orlando FL, it can be helpful to know about the reasons why so many Floridians love this place. Here is a list of just a few. 

1. No State Income Taxes

You heard that right. In Florida, residents enjoy an enormous reduction in taxes when it comes to state income taxes. The reason for that is because they do not exist in the Sunshine State. 

2. Sunny Weather

Another major reason why people love Florida is the weather. Although it can admittedly be a bit too warm for some folks in the summertime, there are very few cloudy days (outside hurricane season). 

3. Countless Beaches

If you love the sand between your toes, then Florida is the place to be. Without a doubt, Florida is home to more beaches than you have probably ever seen anyplace else in the United States.

4. Year-Round Fun

Going hand-in-hand with the state’s amazing weather, another thing to love about Florida is the fact that you can have fun here all year long. From swimming to biking to kayaking and snorkeling, there is no shortage of exciting ways to make the most of the sunshine.  

5. Amusement Parks

Finally, Florida is the perfect place to take the family for vacation because it is home to so many wonderful amusement parks. From Universal Studios to Disney World and Harry Potter’s Adventures, your family will never be out of things to do. Why not make fun time closer to home?

Moving to Florida is one of the best decisions you will ever make. These are just five reasons why residents love this incredible state.