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3 Industries That Rely on Compressed Air

Compressed air is vital to a range of industries. From the pharmaceutical sector to the aerospace industry, compressed air keeps the world running. It can be used either to generate and store energy or to contribute to a process. Energy Air uses the compression process to power tools and equipment and is especially useful when an application requires a lot of power or electricity is unavailable or unsafe. Active Air contributes pressurized air to a process and often interacts directly with a product.

You might be surprised at some of the industries that use either or both of these applications in their day-to-day operations.

The Railroad Industry

The railroad industry relies on compressed air for a number of essential functions. Everything from the suspension system to the brakes uses compressed air. The industry requires high-quality air compression systems to support the challenges of rail operations. If oil, dirt, water and other contaminants are not filtered out of the compressed air, they can damage air lines or cylinders, reduce lubrication, harm performance and ultimately lead to system failure. Trains must also operate under difficult conditions and withstand heavy wear.

As such, the railroad industry needs durable air compression systems that are designed to ensure air purity through advanced decontamination methods. Many rail companies opt to use an air compressor installation Jacksonville FL service to ensure that their yard air and air compression plants are optimized for rail operations.

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers use compressed air to create products and reduce safety risks in unstable environments. Cylinders, valves, and fluid pumping systems often depend on air compression. Compressed air can also play a role in the manufacturing process by cleaning, aerating or drying a product. In these instances, the air interacts directly with the product and the chemical’s viability depends on the purity of the air used. With bottom lines depending on air quality, it’s no surprise that chemical manufacturers have strict air purification standards. Their air compression systems must also be robust enough to withstand byproducts with volatile properties, such as toxic or corrosive gases.

The Mining Sector

Compressed air is used in almost every major mining operation, including drilling, blasting and smelting. The mining industry’s unique working conditions require flexible power sources and equipment that can work in isolated mining locations. Compressed air makes powering tools easy regardless of the location while providing the superior torque necessary for high-impact equipment like rock drills. In addition to pneumatic tools, the hoists, pumps and actuators in the mining process also use compressed air.

Given the wide-ranging applications for compressed air across industries, it’s easy to see why many people call it the fourth utility.