4 Essential Tasks for Golf Course Maintenance

If you want to wow visitors to your golf course, you must do more maintenance than cut the grass. Placing and regularly cleaning out trash cans is another good step to keep the course welcoming, but there are other areas to consider.

Watch the Trees

While trees can provide much-needed shade during warmer months, they present their own unique hazards that have nothing to do with the game: falling limbs. If you have large trees on the property, you should have an arborist come in annually to assess their health and perform any needed maintenance to ensure the safety of people playing around them.

Clean Your Bunkers

Some players dread getting in a sand trap, but others welcome the challenge to prove their abilities. Either way, you should keep these areas groomed to make being in them a more enjoyable experience. Sand should be at least four inches deep and regularly raked and leveled. Stay on top of drainage issues and address standing water as soon as it’s observed.

Keep Water Clear

As some players may have to venture close during a game—or even wade in them—you should keep your ponds and water hazards clean and pleasant to look at. If the water is murky or has algae blooms, consider enzyme therapy treatment to clear things up.

Level the Lawn

Imperfections in the turf can negatively affect an otherwise good game. Do a daily sweep of the course and correct any tears, dents or holes you come across. Pay special attention to the fairway, green and tee box as imperfections here can have the biggest consequences. Depending on local weather and native grass varieties, mowing may have to be an everyday task.

When you go out to eat, you enjoy your meal more if the dining room is clean. Similarly, when players want a round of golf, having a well-kept course helps them savor the game.