3 Tips for an Amazing New York City Storefront

Opening a small business in New York City is an exciting adventure. It’s been a huge investment and you need it to pay off. In a city with plenty of room for small and large businesses to thrive, it is an unfortunate reality that many new businesses won’t make it past their first year. One way to make sure your business succeeds is to grab the attention of the casual passerby with an amazing storefront. Here are three tips to help your storefront succeed.

1. Welcoming Doors

Your doors should entice the potential customer to want to pass through them. Revolving doors are a good option, as they provide pass-through ease while requiring minimal contact. Requiring no contact is even better, especially in the midst of cold and flu season. There are many options for automatic doors New York and the needs of each business industry will vary. Sliding glass doors are clean and modern and allow a good peek at the potential goodies in store for the customer.

2. A Thoughtful Window Display

Your window display is the first impression and communication your customers will receive regarding what your business offers, its values and the strength of its brand. Unless you are a highly conceptual and creative person, you might be wise to hire a professional. If your business is small and you have no option but to go it alone, there are plenty of helpful tips regarding the dos and don’ts of window merchandising.

3. Store Signage

While you may get away with creating the window dressing, you can’t skimp on your store signage. The materials used in your signage say everything about your success. If you can afford it, channel lettering provides a clean, smooth 3-D design that can be illuminated from within during nighttime hours. These signs are eye-catching and can be seen from distances that a hand-painted sign could not. The next best thing might be a box sign if the design is exceptional. Otherwise, this type of sign has a propensity to look cheap and generic.

As eyes are the windows to the soul, storefronts are the windows to everything your business has to offer. The importance of an attractive storefront cannot be overestimated and should be one of the priority investments you make in your business. In a city where the competition can be fierce, survival means standing out, and your storefront is your first line of defense.