Which Game of Thrones Episodes Need to Watch Before GOT 8

GOT 8 Preparation

As everyone knows GOT Season is just some days or hours away from now, There will be very interesting thing happen in the final Game of Thrones Season. Fans all around the globe eagerly waiting for the Game of Thrones Season 8, Because this will be the end of the nine years long journey. Celebrities are also sad for this point because they spend a very long time with this HBO Fantasy TV Serial, Most of the characters were very young and now they become mature and famous due to GOT. It means Game of Thrones changed their life due to it’s a unique and different concept.

Every fan is preparing for the GOT 8 and making their prediction regarding the end of the GOT journey. Many fans are rewatching previous seasons to recall the previous theories and thing that will help them to understand GOT 8 in the best way. This final season will consist of 6 episodes and each episode have 1-week time delay along with different runtime. This will happen on the history of Throne very short season, Maybe this is the final season that’s why GOT authority makes it a little bit different from previous seasons of Throne.

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Recommended Episodes From Previous GOT Seasons

So here we are going to give you detail about the previous Game of Thrones highly recomended episodes that you should need to watch before the Game of Thrones Season 8. These episodes are being recommended by the best fan’s along with their theories so that we must watch these episodes before entering the final arena of the Thrones.

Season 1

There were many interesting episodes from Season 1 of the Thrones That you need to watch before the Final Season 8. Winter is Coming that was the very first episode of the Game of Thrones Season 1 and made a huge impact on the fans of movies and web series and attract the world towards Game of Thrones.

There many other episodes along with different clues regarding to the end of this web series. Ninth episode from this season that name was Baelor also very interesting to watch because lots of things happened in this episode, and Episode Fire and Blood tenth episode also need to be watching for the preparation of the GOT 8.

Season 2

There are different episodes from season 2 that we need to rewatch before the final season 8. These are The Night Lands (2.02), What is Dead May Never Die (2.03), Blackwater (2.09), Valar Morghulis (2.10).

Season 3

Walk of Punishment (3.03), And Now His Watch is Ended (3.06), Second Sons (3.08), Rains of Castemere (3.09), Mhysa (3.10).

Season 4

The Lion and The Rose (4.2), Oathkeeper (4.4), Tha Laws of Gods and Men (4.6).

Season 5

Hardhome (5.8), The Dance of Dragons (5.9).

Season 6

Battle of Bastards (6.9), The Winds of Winter (6.10).

Season 7

Spoils of War (7.4), The Dragon and Wolf (7.7).

HBO Game of Thrones Season 8

These episodes break the records and these are highest rated in the history of GOT. There are many other but now we have a short time that’s why these episodes fulfill your craze regarding the Fantasy of Game of Thrones.

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