Watch Online Game of Thrones Season 8 1st Episode in UK USA

Watch Online Game of Thrones Season 8 1st Episode

Game of Thrones Season 8 just one month away from us, Fans start buzzing about the final season what will happen next who will win the war of “Ice and Fire”, Who will sit on the iron throne, Moreover HBO releases season 8 retailer that break the record of most watches in just 24 hours from different social media and gained 81 Million views just in 24 hours.

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The most important thing is that how to watch a game of thrones season 8  and where to watch a game of thrones season 8. Game of Thrones is HBO production and HBO have all the rights regarding the broadcasting and live streaming.

Most people watch online game of thrones. The first episode of the season 8 will be premier on 14, April 2019, HBO makes all the arrangements if you want to watch online season 8 first episode then HBO also referred two apps for your mobile phones or different electronic devices HBO GO and HBO Now.

You can watch online game of thrones season 8 all episodes from these apps in the USA for this you need to pay $14.99/month along with the one-month free trial, In this free trial, you can watch online at least two episodes of the final season 8 easily.

Game of Thrones Season 8

This is the good news for USA Fans. Moreover, if you want to watch on your big screens then you need to have paid HBO on your cable system then you can easily watch season 8 all episodes without any interruption.

Watch Online Game of Thrones Season 8 1st Episode in the UK

Game of Thrones Season 8 is just one month away to on air. HBO is also working on live streaming and broadcasting rights all around the globe because GOT has millions of fans all around the world. For this purpose some countries where HBO is not on their tv channels list. The UK is one of them that’s why how people in the UK watch online Game of Thrones Season 8.

HBO make proper arrangement for their UK fans and provide Sky Atlantic rights to show season 8 along with some subscription fee. And also seen in some social medias UK paid to much amount for the broadcasting of the Game of Thrones to HBO and this is the most watched TV serial in the UK.  And also HBO made special arrangement for the privacy of season 8 and did not allow to give their broadcasting right without any agreements. Because this will be the last season of game of thrones series, after this season 8 nine years long journey will come to an end. That’s the main reason people are curious to know everything about the final season of GOT.

But there is one thing for UK fans to keep in mind they can watch season 8 on 15, April 2019 on Monday night, and You can call time difference or something like that. HBO make the priority to USA fans. Till now two teasers and one complete trailer have been released along with famous characters iron throne.

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