Valar Morghulis Meaning in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones based on the novel name “The Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R.R Martin. Game of Thrones is HBO Fantasy tv serial based on eight seasons till now seven seasons of GOT has been watched by the fans all around the globe. Game of Thrones Season 8 will be coming soon, Fans all around the world waiting for this final season 8.

The basic reason behind this craze this will be the last season of the entire Game of Thrones series. People are curious to know the detail and complete information about this final season 8. Game of Thrones Season 8 will b premier on 14 April 2019 this final season consists on six episodes and HBO also release the watch time of every episode. First two episodes will be 60 minutes long, and the last four episodes will be 80 minutes long.

Till now Game of Thrones releases 1 promo and 1 trailer about final season, People have different opinion regarding to GOT Season 8, Because if we watch and focus clearly these clips this will not be the happy ending in my view, Moreover we have experiences from different characters quotes in GOT “If you Think This Will be a Happy Ending Then you not Paying attention to This”.We also have been listened many time this unique word “Valar Morghulis” in different seasons and different episodes.

Valar Morghulis

Valar Morghulis is a high Valyrian Saying from Braavos, A city located northwestern side of the Essos. Valar Morghulis means ” All men must die” and another word Valar dohaeris ” All men  must serve.”

Many time in Game of Thrones character said this word if we take a look back from season 1 to 7 this word Valar Morghulis have great importance in this series. First-time Jaqen H’ghar said this slang to Arya Stark. Daenerys Targaryen slave Missandei said this sentence to her Queen Mother of Dragon and the Last Storm Born Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen said at that time (“All men must die” but we are not men). Melisandre also said this thing to the Priest of Light Thoros of Myr ” Valar Morgulis” Prince Rhaegar Targaryen also show the coin to his beloved wife Lyana Stark and also said this unique word.

Valar Morghulis, Game of Thrones

The central concept behind this word sentence is that there is a war which will come, And this war will be the greatest from all the battle Between “Fire and Ice.” Between White Walkers and Human, That’s the main reason Jon Snow Aegon Targaryen met with Mother of Dragon to make an alliance with her and also agree with her about all these things.

That’s why all the main characters of Game of Thrones gather and agree to fight against White Walkers and dead army. First Cersei Lannister disagrees and said m not sure about this one we don’t need to your help to fight against White Walkers and dead army, but her younger brother Tyrion Lannister told her there is the war that will come we need to fight together.

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Valar Morgulis means “all men must die and all men must serve,” This was the pure indication about this war from the very first season of GOT and now the time has come to reunite and fight against these evil things.

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