Urban Decay Game of Thrones Season 8

As we know today the craze of Game of Thrones on its peak. This will be the last and final season of the Game of Thrones nine years long journey. Many companies start making products with the logo of Game of Thrones, In short, they are working on Game of Thrones theme products nowadays to enhance the reach and popularity of their product.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is one of them, An American cosmetics brand. This company made products of makeup and headquarter of this company is in California. And also this company collaborate with French cosmetics company L’OrĂ©al. Now the most trending news regarding this company is that is they are making their products completely based on Game of Thrones Theme.

Game of Thrones

Urban Decay Game of Thrones

Now This company making products completely on Game of Thrones Theme, That increase the popularity of the company and also increase the sale of the products. If we take a look at the products there are different colors of eye shades. They are completely packed in the shape of the Iron Throne.

And there is another interesting thing Urban Decay introduced different makeup style based on GOT characters theme. For example White Walkers Makeup, Warriors Makeup theme.

Game of Thrones

In this picture, the left one represents the House of Stark theme makeup. And the right one shows the Targaryen Theme, These shades, and color combination are specifically made for the Game of Thrones fans by Urban Decay.

Game of Thrones

In this picture, the Golden one shows the theme of the Lannister family, And this makeup is available on the website of Urban Decay along with the complete makeup kit. another white theme picture with blue eyes color represents the theme of White Walkers in Game of Thrones. The basic purpose of these picture to [romote the Game of Thrones along with Urban Decay makeup products.

Game of Thrones

In this picture the model shows the makeup in warriors shape, On the right side there are complete color combinations along with complete GOT theme, Like we have frozen North, Nymeria and many other colors.

game of thronesGame of Thrones

Urban Decay also made many other products like Jon Snow’s Longclaw shape brush and also they have Arya Stark’s Needle shape brush along with much other Game of Thrones Products

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