Types of Decks for Your Home

With more people working from home today, homeowners are looking for ways to outfit their homes and expand their outdoor space. Decks are an easy way to use the outdoors and improve the lifestyle of the owners. Here are a few decks you can choose from to complete your outdoor living space.

Elevated Deck

Elevated decks offer homeowners an extension of their indoor space into the outdoors. This is a great option for those with uneven terrain, sloped backyards or those in flood zones. Homeowners can use this type of deck for higher stories on the home as well. They can stack the decks to provide outdoor living space for multiple floors. These decks require a lot of stability and planning before installing to create a long-lasting end product.

Detached Deck

Rather than having the deck attached to the home, a detached deck can sit anywhere you want. Create an outdoor oasis in a garden alcove by placing a deck, outdoor furniture and even a pergola. These decks can offer a private retreat right on the property. Create a pathway that winds throughout the garden for an enchanting getaway.

Wraparound Deck

Tap into some old-world charm with a wraparound deck. These decks don’t simply sit outside one room or one side of the home. They can wraparound both sides or even go all the way around the home. These decks offer multiple locations to enjoy the outdoors. Homeowners can change up their view by simply moving to another side of the home. The large space offers a perfect place for entertaining.

Rooftop Deck

Flat-topped roofs are a great place to put a deck. These are most common in busy cities. A rooftop deck creates an outdoor space where there was none before. Homeowners can enjoy a 180 or 360 view of the city skyline. Because you are so high off the ground, homeowners can have more privacy than a backyard deck. These types of decks are great for over the garage as well.

Multi-Tier Deck

Create a unique look or adapt to changing terrain with a multi-tier deck. These decks have multiple stairs throughout connecting the different landings. These are common on sloped terrains and can expand as far out as needed. They are often made of wood and offer multiple locations to entertain, enjoy privacy or stroll for exercise. Add any of these decks to your home for instant outdoor living. Complement the deck with a pool, jacuzzi or garden to really enjoy the yard.