Tormund Giantsbane Breaks Silence About His Return in GOT 8

Tormund Giantsbane GOT 8

Tormund Giantsbane is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, He belongs from Free Folks Wildlings Tribe. First, they were against the King in the North Jon Snow and also try to destroy the Great wall along with his people but not succeeded after that he joins Jon Snow and fought for him in the Battle of Bastard and defeated Ramsay Bolton and admit Jon is the one and only True King in the North.

Many fans raise question Tormund will be out of the season 8 or not because if we take a look back in the season 7 when Tormund start living within Winterfell and pledge his service for the one True King in The North. But Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer reveals his existence when he is walking somewhere with Beric Dondarrion.

Game of Thrones, Tormund Giantasbne

Tormund character is played by 40 years Norwich actor Kristofer Hivju, During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed about his appearance in Final Season 8. If he will appear in the season most probably he will fight along with Jon Snow in Winterfell against the Night King White Walkers and Dead Army.

Tormund in Final Battle Ice and Fire

His appearance will create a huge help for the people who will fight against the evil thing and white walkers, The main reason why is he important, Because he said about all these evil things.

“All the Free Folk grew up with the horror stories of the White Walkers Like the Story Nan told Bran Stark in starting the season with the ice spiders. This has been the terror of their worst nightmare as long as they have existed, This is the nightmare moment where you have to face centuries of bad dreams.”

He is brave enough to fight against them because he has a huge size of the body moreover he was also fighting with them before in Game of Thrones Season 7. These all things shows Tormund Giantsbane importance for the final season, And one more thing that fans eagerly waiting about him or tall lady Brienne of Tarh. Because he wants to make babies with according to him if we take a look back in season 7.

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