Tobias Menzies Edmure Tully Actor and Wife

Tobias Menzies Biography

Tobias Menzies was born in the United Kingdom on 7, March 1974. He is 47 years old. He got fame by the character of Edmure Tully in American fantasy TV drama series Game of Thrones. His last name is Scottish. Tobias Menzies attended Perry Court Rudolf Steiner School in Canterbury, Kent and after that, he joined Frensham Heights School near Farnham in Surrey. After his schooling, he joined Stratford-upon-Avon College’s years’ drama course in 1993-1994.

Tobias Menzies was also the part of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He also worked with British Improv comedy company. He was the part of some famous TV series and movies like Foyle’s War 2002, Casualty (1998-2000), The Low Down (2000). His most famous work came to know when he was joined HBO fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones with the character name of Edmure Tully. Tobias Menzies height is 6’1” (1.85). His weight is 57kg. Tobias net worth is $12 Million, and This is the result of his hard work and consistency.

Tobias Menzies, Game of Thrones

Edmure Tully

Edmure Tully is the son of Late Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun, He is the oldest character of Game of Thrones and also work as an alliance with Robb Stark’s army, After that he make alliance with Lannisters and hold his land Riverrun to Jaime Lannister and his army, There areĀ  many people who already tells him about the greedy nature of Lannisters but he didn’t understand after that Jaime Lannister tie him up and capture his land.

At that time when he ordered to open the doors for the Lannister’s Army Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne was also there and leave Riverrun at that time because Brienne of Tarth is always loyal to the stark family and Lannisters always against Stark family. Edmure Tully was married with a daughter of Lord Walder Frey, Head of House Frey.

Edmure Tully, Game of Thrones

In this wedding Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark’s wife Talisa Stark was also there. The Red Wedding was the event where Walder Frey and Roose Bolton killed Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn Stark and also sent Edmure Tully as a hostage to Lannisters. Edmure Tully will also be the part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Live Streaming

Edmure Tully will be the important character in GOT final season because he suffered a lot and also spend much time as a hostage of Lannister, Because he trust Jaime Lannister and allow him to enter along with his army on the Riverrun, But after that Jaime Lannister deceive him and captured him as a hostage. He will join Jon Snow and will fight for him because he is the old friend of Stark family and serve Robb Stark as well along with Catelyn Stark.

Edmure Tully Actor

Tobias Menzies is an English actor who played the character of Edmure Tully in American fantasy HBO TV Serial Game of Thrones. He was also the part of many movies, but after that when he joined Game of Thrones, he becomes world famous and makes millions of fans and followers on different social media, Now everybody is discussing Tobias Menzies as an Edmure Tully appearance for the final season.

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