Things You Missed From The Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

Game of Thrones recently releases new trailer from season 8. This is a two-minute long trailer in which you can see Dragons flying in Winterfell first time, and people are surprised to see them when they are flying from their heads. And everybody is busy in the preparation of the Final Battle the battle between White Walkers, Dead Army, and Human. This battle is also known by the name of “Ice and Fire.” Many famous characters will take part in this final battle in season 8 along with Arya Stark.

The trailer starts while Arya Stark running to save her life. On the other hand, Sansa Stark is standing on the roof of Winterfell castle while dragons are flying on the air of Winterfall Jorah Mormont and many other famous characters are preparing for the final war. So this is it from the trailer of season 8. Many things have hidden this trailer you need to oversee it.

Hidden Thing from Season 8 Trailer

There are many secret things in the trailer of the season that HBO release last week. If we take a look carefully, many things and clues take us to the wonderland. If we notice from the very first scene when Arya Stark is running through the hall of Winterfell. Why she is running something is behind her to approaching yes it is there is a skeleton face behind her.

In another shot of the trailer, two persons are sitting on the table wait a second who are they? They look like wights in living condition. It seems like new things appear in the Game of Thrones Season 8.  on the other seen of the trailer Arya Stark is busy to fight in the battlefield in castle’s battlements. If we take a look at this scene, two people look like a member of Dead Army climbing the wall of the castle.

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It means this will be the indication of a great battle between the dead army and human; They are approaching towards the castles of a human. In another scene, Jorah Mormont is busy in the battle of Winterfell along with his new sword. What is this a sword from House of Tarly? Who gave it to him.

If we took a look on the previous season 7 when Samwell Tarly treated Ser Jorah Mormont greyscale, it makes a sense may b Samwell Tarly gave it to him. In another scene, Euron Greyjoy is standing in front of the Queen Cersei Lannister Iron Throne and presenting the Harry Strickland, the leader of Golden Company.

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In another scene where soldiers of the Unsullied Army are standing in a row, there is a weapon to throw big stones towards the enemies. Brienne of Tarth and Podrick is also the part of this epic trailer if we take a look carefully most Knights of the Vale standing behind them. It means Robin Arryn give his army to his cousin Sansa Stark and one true king in the north Jon Snow to fight against enemies in the battle of Winterfell.

There is another person with a long white who is this man? He looks like a The Lord of The Ring. So many unexpected things are coming in season 8.

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