Sibel kekilli Shae Game of Thrones Actress and Death

Sibel kekilli Biography

Sibel Kekilli is a German actress who got fame with the character of Shae in HBO Fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones. She was born in Heilbronn, 16 June 1980. Her family basically from Turkey, Sibel ethnicity is Turkish, and nationality is German. She has a twin sister. She completed her schooling at the age of 16 years old with good marks. Sibel involved in a training program to become a certified public administration for 30 months.

After the completion of program Sibel work as an administrative assistant for two years. After that, she moved to Essen, and there she works Municipal Waste Disposal office. After this job, she worked in night clubs as a manager, Waitress, Saleswomen, and bouncer. And also she works in the pornography film industry.

Her debut in the film industry when she was discovered by film agent in a shopping mall in 2002, She was the lead actress in “Head-on” movie. This movie got many critics when a new paper revealed that she was attached to a porn film industry with the name of Dilara. After this controversy, she never loses hope and did many other movies like Fay Grim, Winterreise, The Last Train, Playground, Homicide Unit Istanbul, Paare. Her most recognizable work came to known when she played the role of Shae in Game of Thrones based on the novel “The song of ice and fire” written by George R.R Martin.

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Sibel won many awards for her different movies like the best actress for Eve Donus at the Antalya Golden Orange Film festival. She also works for the organization name “Terre des Femmes” the main purpose of this organization is to stop violence against women. Sibel revealed in her interview she loves to spend her free time in her home along with her dog.

She has been involved in numerous controversies due to her past profession in pornography. During an award ceremony she protests against media to stop cover her past life because she moves on from those things. She has 47.3k followers on her Instagram account. Sibel has a unique body with a height of 5 feet 4 inches with black hair and brown eyes.

Shae in Game of Thrones

Shae is the fictional character name in Game of Thrones. Shae was a prostitute and had a unique relation with Tyrion Lannister. They met during the war of Lannisters when Tyrion was fighting in Lannister’s army during the battle of Green Fork. After that Tyrion bring her to the Kings Landing and spend his special time with her. She was also so caring to Tyrion.

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But she betrays Tyrion when King Joffrey died in Purple Wedding party in Kings Landing, Shae stated Tyrion Lannister in front of all council, and this statement takes him to the jail due to the murdered his niece. But at that time Tyrion elder brother Jaime Lannister helps him to run away from Kings Landing. Tyrion heartbroken and depressed because he loves that girl who started him, he entered the room of Shae and killed him by his hand, and after that, he also killed his father Tywin Lannister and moved towards Queen Daenerys Targaryen mother of Dragons.

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Shae Actress

Shae was the character of Game of Thrones. She is a prostitute by profession and fall in love with Tyrion Lannister in season 1 episode 9. They both did some intimate scene together. She starts living as his wife because Tyrion Lannister always take care of him and he always used to say “Lannister Always Pay Their debts.”

Shae Death in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones graveyard full of talented characters and pretty faces. Shae was one of them killed by Tyrion Lannister in Season 4 episode 1. Dwarf loves her so much and plans to spend his life with her, but she betrays him in front of all council. Maybe she will become dead army member and return in Game of Thrones Season 8 under the supervision of White Walkers.

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