Saddest Deaths in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Final Season 8 is just some weeks away and people start discussing and moreover loyal fans also watching the previous seasons of the Throne to make predictions about the Game of Thrones Season 8. There are certain scenes from the previous seasons that will make you crazy if watch them again and again to recall the old theories.

As like there was many famous and beloved characters of the Game of Thrones that will create huge fame among the fans. From the beginning of the Game of Thrones, everyone believes Ned Stark will become the King of Seven Kingdoms and will sit on Iron Throne. But after the death of Ned, every fan in the world shocked and surprise. There are many other characters deaths that makes fans sad and speechless.

Ned Stark

Ned Stark was the Lord of Winterfell in Season 1 and his wife name was Catelyn Stark. Have 5 kids and one bastard son named Jon Snow. He was a good friend of Robert Baratheon. Ned starts serving Robert as a hand of the king. But after the death of Robert Baratheon his elder son Joffrey Baratheon sentenced him to death in front of his elder daughter Sansa Stark in Kings Landing.


Hodor was the oldest servant in Winterfell and always spend his time with the crippled son of Ned Stark, Hodor served a lot Bran Stark and lost his life when he was trying to save Bran’s life from wights.

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Wun Wun

  He was Giant belongs from Free Folks Tribe commonly called Wildlings. He died during the Battle of Bastards by Ramsay Bolton.


When we hear or read this name one and the only line came in our mind “You Know Nothing Jon Snow”, She was the lover of Jon Snow and died during the battle of Free Folks and Night’s Watch in castle black.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo was the leader of the Dothraki Army and husband of Khaleesi, He was died by the hand of her beloved wife when he was struggling from dangerous disease and became helpless.

Shireen Baratheon

This innocent girl died with fire, Actually, she was burned by the order of Melisandre a red-haired witch who capture the mind of her father Stannis Baratheon and convince him Shireen will be brought bad luck in future for him.

Red Wedding

This was the saddest episode of the entire Game of Thrones Series, When Robb Stark was killed in front of her mother Catelyn Stark and his wife was also killed with the pregnant belly. Catelyn Stark was also killed by the Walder Frey and Stark’s Direwolf was also killed in this incident.

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