Nell Tiger Free – Aimee Richardson Myrcella Baratheon Actress and Death

Nell Tiger Free Biography

Nell Tiger Free is an English actress born in 13 October, 1999 in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey , England , UK. She is singer plus actor, She got fame with the character name Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones on season 5. Nell Tiger Free also played a Childhood roles in 2012 film Broken and BBC tv movie Mr.Stink.

Nell Tiger Free grew up with older sister name Betsy. She is dating her co star from game of Thrones Dean-Charles Chapman from 2015. Dean-Charles Chapman in Game of Thrones name Tommen Baratheon his brother but people witness their chemistry of screen on social medias. Her mother name is Amanda Free, Her sister Betsy graduated from University of Cardiff. Nell’s net worth till now $55,000. She start acting at the age of 12 in the movie name Broken played a role of Anna. Nell Tiger Free height is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7m). Nell also released her first album when she was 18 years old with the name of “No Tie Friday”. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nell Tiger Free, Game of Thrones

Aimee Richardson Bio

Aimee Richarson is an Irish actress born in 29 December, 1997 in Northern Ireland. She got fame with the character of Myrcella Baratheon in HBO TV Serial Game of Thrones. She played Myrcella Baratheon’s character in GOT first two seasons after that Nell Tiger Free appeared in GOT season 5 as an Myrcella. She has a best friend of her co star Kerry Ingram the face behind Shireen Baratheon. She did many movies after GOT like The Sparticle Mystery in 2015, Story Land in 2016, My Mother and Other Strangers 2016.

Aimee Richardson, Game of Thrones

 Myrcella Baratheon in GOT

Myrcella Baratheon is the fictional Character of Game of Thrones, Her mother name was Cersei lannister and father name was Robert Baratheon, The fect is that her real father was Jaime Lannister brother of her mother, The main reason behind this act , Her mother don’t like Robert and want pure blood of Lannisters in her next generation.

Myrcella was sent to Drone for the marriage alliance with House Martell her wed Trystane Martell. Myrcella was killed when her biological father comes to taker back, On their way to return towards Kings Landing in a Ship, She was poisoned by Ellaria Sand. Who take the revenge of her lover Oberyn Martell.

Myrcella Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Myrcella siting under the room of ship with Jaime Lannister suddenly blodd came out from her nose and mouth and he lost her life under the arms of Jaime Lannister in Season 5 episode name “Mother’s Mercy”. She is the only child left in Lannister’s house. Because her elder brother was also died in same thing when Olenna Tyrell put poison in Joffrey Baratheon’s drink and suddenly after 1 sip his face turned into purple and blood came out from his eyes nose and mouth.

After that her younger brother Tommen baratheon commit suicide because of the tragic death of his beloved wife Queen Margaery Tyrell. And she also died by poison and Lannister’s house once again all alone without kids.

Myrcella Baratheon Actress

Myrcella Baratheon was the only girl belongs to Lannister’s Family Cersei Lannister sent her Drone for the purpose of Safety and alliance marrige with Trystane Martell, But she was dies on her way to Kings Landing in season 5.

Myrcella Death in Game of Thrones

Myrcella Baratheon was died in season 5 she was being poisoned by Ellaria Sand, When she was returing towards her mother after a long time she lost breath in a ship on her biological father’s arm Jaime Lannister. She will not the part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

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