Natalie Dormer Margaery Tyrell Age Actress and Death

Natalie Dormer Biography

Natalie is an English actress born in 11, February 1982, She is 36 years old but look like so young. Her birth place is Reading, England, U.K, Her weight is 51Kg, And height is 168cm. Her birth sign is Aquarius, And Chinese zodiac is Dog, She is actress plus model by occupation. She become world wide famous after participating in “The Tudors” more over she reach the peak of her career after portraying in HBO fabtasy tv series Game of Thrones with the character name Margaery Tyrell.

She was born in Reading that is the largest town in Berkshire. From her childhood she was very close to her mother and her step father is very strict to her about her acting profession. She has two siblings Samantha and Mark she is 7 years old from her sister and 9 years old from her brother she taker care of them as a mother during her childhood.

She started her early education from Chiltern Edge School, After her starting study she was intended to to study in “Cambridge University” , but due to her bad luck in entrance exam from the university and didn’t get admission. After this tragedy she lost in depression and try to escape the world at that time she thought i wish if i was a actress but didn’t tell any body about this thing after her success she revealed this thing in an interview.

Natalie Dormer,Margaery Tyrell

” That time it was like the end of the world and it made me to get going. i realized i wish i was an actress, but i kept this secret deeply in my heart even from my self”

After this failure she try to enter the theater school to full fill her dream in London but failed after this failure she took away her self from the world and start living in depression. She revealed many times about her failure ” I had no money, i was not admitted to the university, and perhaps the identity crises happened to me then. it was the darkest time of my life”.

She was not gave up on her dreams and did many jobs like bartender or secretary  but didn’t stop auditions for her acting dream. And finally she got selected in The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. More then three years she spend there for acting and martial arts there. Her first debut role was in 2005 “Casavova” it is only contain one episode role but she impressed directors by her acting skills after that acting career open door for her no one can stop this brave girl after that.

Her first major project was “The Tudors” that take her to the peak of fame after that she never look back and take her failures as a motivations and step into the world of game Of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell and make world wide famous her acting skills and face, After this roll in Game Of Thrones millions of fans appraise her due to her face beauty and acting skills.

Margaery Tyrell

Natalie Dormer portrayed as Margaery Tyrell in Game Of Thrones.After the Tyrell allinces with Lannister, She become Queen when she marry with King Joffrey Baratheon and live happily and also take care of the Kings Landing with him but during in fiesta he was poisoned in his drink after the death of her first husband she was married to his young brother name Tommen I Baratheon. But after that the mother of both kings Cersei Lannister become Margaery enemy because of her evil mind.

Cersei sentenced her in prison when people in kings landing take her out from throne and Queen Margaery take charge along with her loving husband King Tommen I Baratheon, After that when Cersei become free she started take revenge of her insult.

Margaery Tyrell Age, Margaery Tyrell Death, Margaery Tyrell Actress


Natalie Dormer played role of Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, and become world wide famous due to her dialogue delivery and best acting skills, She married with two kings King offrey Baratheon after the death of her first husband she married to his young brother name Tommen I Baratheon after this marriage she suffers many difficulties from her mother in law but always stay with his husband loyal and loving wife.


In Book Ice and Fire her real age when she starts is 16 but with the passage of time and seasons and creators decides to upraise her age despite of casting new face now she is around 21 and 22. She is good in acting and surprise the producers and directors by her acting skills.


Its really sad to say Game of Thrones Graveyard is full of talented characters. Like King Joffrey, Rober Baratheon, Nedd Stark,Hodor. Margaery Tyrell killed by Wildfire. all this happen with the help of Cersei because he know the intention of her and more over she heard when Margaery her father Loras, The High Sparrow, Lancel and Kevan Lannister all gather and planing to take the charge.

Butt the Jaime Lannister along with his loving sister make a plan by using inflammable liquid inside the castle where they gathered all their enemies and burn fire after some seconds a big castle underground due to the fire ball and all were died include beautiful Queen  Margaery. So this is the end of her journey in Fame of Thrones.She joins GOT from very first season and died in season 6, Her death make everybody around the world sad and shock.She will entered in Final Game of Thrones Season 8 as death army under white walkers.

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