Michelle Fairley Catelyn Stark Actress and Death

Michelle Fairley Biography

Michelle Fairley is an Irish actress born on July 11, 1963; She is 55 years old her birthplace is Coleraine, Nothern Ireland. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m). Her net worth is near about $3 Million. Her weight is 55 kg. She has red hair and blue eyes. She rose the fame by her role Emilia in theater show Othello after that she appeared in HBO fantasy tv serial Game Of Thrones as Lady Catelyn who is married to Eddard Stark her full name in this show is Catelyn Stark.

She has one sister name, Simone Fairley. From her young age, she is fond of acting; that’s why she starts learning about this passion in early of her age. She completed her initial study from local school after that she joins Ulster Youth Theater. Michelle starts her acting career in 1989 from movie name Saracen after one year she appeared in Hidden Agenda in 1990.

She did many other movies like The Duel, Chatroom, The Others. She reaches the peak of her fame by her role name Mrs. Granger in 2010 Harry Potter and the Death Hallows. Moreover, she was seen in many other movies like The Invisible Women, Ironclad (Battle for Blood). In Game of Thrones, she steals the limelight in the role of Catelyn Stark along with Daenerys Targaryen Sansa Stark Arya Stark and many other famous faces of the world.

Michelle Fairley, Catelyn Stark


Michelle won Irish Film and Television award in the category of the best actress of Game of Thrones. She was nominated for different awards like Oliver Awards, Saturn Awards, Guild Awards. Despite 55 years age she is single and didn’t marry yet once rumors in the air she was dating her boyfriend and soon get married, but she denied. She has a Boyfriend in the past with whom she was dating seven years but after they broke up she never seen with any other man. She is not active in social media like her other co-stars. She is living a simple life and focus on her work and acting career.

Catelyn Stark

When this name comes in our eyes the only thing that happened in our mind is Game Of Thrones, Because she is the most prominent character of Game Of Thrones in starting season, She belong to Winterfall and married to Lord Eddard Stark who is the great and best warrior of his time and also a good friend of Robert Baratheon a king of seven kingdom and kings landing she has 5 kids from him Sansa Stark Robb Stark Bran Stark Rickon Stark Arya Stark.

Catelyn Stark, Catelyn Stark Death, Catelyn Stark Actress



Lady Catelyn is very loyal to her husband and loving to her kids after the accident of her kid Bran she was always in the sad mod and take care of her after his husband died she is the one who makes the charge of Winterfell. When her man in kings landing she reach there to take care of him but after his death by King Joffrey she came back at this time Stark’s scatters into pieces the only hope is Robb who is with his mother and becomes King after her father died.

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But they were killed by Lord Walder Frey during the party. In this incident, Robb lady Catelyn and Robb’s wife Talisa Stark also killed with her pregnant body all this happen in season 6. Some chances if Lady Catelyn returns in Game Of Thrones Season 8.  Jon Snow is the stepson of Lady Catelyn.


She died in season 6 when Lord Walder Frey killed them all and their all man in the party in this accident Robb Stark and his wife Talisa Stark also died. This was the saddest seen in the history of Game Of Thrones, And all around the world fan of GOT shocked by seeing this. That’s why people are always saying Game of Thrones graveyard is full of talented and well-known faces.

Lady Stoneheart

Lady Stoneheart will be the new character in Season 8 Game of Thrones. Actually, there is a big character behind this one and guess who is he or she. Lady Catelyn Stark died in season 4 in Red Wedding but after that somehow Beric Dondarrion bring back towards life risking his own life, And now Lady Stonheart is the leader of Brotherhood. She will come in End of the Game according to the theories of the books written by George R.R Martin.

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