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Michael McElhatton Biography

Michael McElhatton born on 12, September 1963 in Terenure, Dublin. He is an Irish actor and 53 years old; There are no roamers about his personal and relationship life because he always focuses on his work. He is an actor and writer but his major breakthrough when he appeared in Game of Thrones with the character name of Roose Bolton.

Michael McElhatton completed his early education at Terenure College where he learned basics about acting. After that, he moved to London and joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic and Art. He spends 8 years in (RADA) and after that came back to Ireland to continue his acting career. He did many movies like “I went Down” in 1997, To The Mountain 1998, Between Dreams 1999, Ape 2002, English 2005, Fifty dead Man walking 2008, Death of Superhero 2011.  Michael McElhatton net worth is $1.4 Million. Because his living style and cars show all, he always focuses on his work and stay away from different controversies and live a simple, unique life. When it comes to his height, He is 1.75m, and his weight is 70 kg with brown hair and blue eyes.

Michael McElhatton, Game of Thrones

Roose Bolton

Roose Bolton was the main character in Game of Thrones. He was the lord of Dreadfort and also the head of Bolton House. And even the king of the north after the Stark’s house collapse due to the Eddard Stark’s death. He captured the land from Stark’s and began to rule there along with his most cruel and evil-minded son Ramsay Bolton.

Roose Bolton was planning to betray Stark’s for a long time. After the defeat of Stannis Baratheon against Lannister’s in Battle of Black Water. Roose Bolton completed his plan by the help of Freys and killed the last hope of the Stark family in this incident Robb Stark, Talisa Stark and Head of Stark’s family their mother, Catelyn Stark. After their death, the road to rule the north was clear for the Bolton family.

Roose Bolton second marriage with Lady Walda, (née Frey) who gave the birth of Roose Bolton first son And Ramsay Bolton have doubt about his position because he is the bastard son of Roose Bolton. At that time Ramsay came towards his father and hugged him and said: ” I am looking forward to meeting my newborn brother.” Mean a while Roose said to him you are always my first son, Both father, and son hug each other, but Ramsay Bolton Kill his father with the knife. And call his stepmother Lady Walda Bolton and asked her to show me my new brother after that take her to his greedy dogs with his newborn brother.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Online

At that time Lady Walda asked Ramsay where is lord Bolton. Ramsay said I proffered me the only child and whistle to his dogs to eat lady Walda and her son. Roose Bolton killed by his blood in Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 2.

Roose Bolton, Game of Thrones

Roose Bolton Actor

Roose Bolton is the fictional character of Game of Thrones. He was the Lord of Dreadfort land and also the father of Ramsay Bolton he captured the land from Starks after the death of Eddard Stark. Roose Bolton is the one who damages stark’s very deep.

Roose Bolton Death

Roose Bolton died in Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 2. He was killed by his son Ramsay Bolton by a knife when Roose tells him about to aware from Jon Snow. Because they murdered Stark’s and their family. Ramsay also killed his stepmother along with his stepbrother. He will not play the part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Roose Bolton Quotes

A smart commander doesn’t abandon a defensive advantage.

The Best way to forge a lasting alliance isn’t by peeling a man’s skin off, The best way is marrige.

The Lannisters send their regards.

If you acquire a reputation as a mad dog, you i’ll b treated as a mad dog. Taken out back and slaughter for pig feed.

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