Megan Parkinson Alys Karstark Actress in Game of Thrones

Megan Parkinson Biography

Megan Parkinson was born in Silsden, Yorkshire on 6, June 1993. She got fame by the character of Alys Karstark from American HBO Fantasy TV serial Game of Thrones. She is also famous from BBC Hospital drama, Holby City, along with TV movie , To Talk Invisible, Where she played the character of Martha Brown.

There is no much information about her childhood and schooling but she worked for UK Manufacturing Company, Airedale Springs, from 2014 2015. After that she moved to London and join National Youth Theater. He first on-screen appearance was BBC TV Series “Holby City”  after that he many other projects like “To walk Invisible” To Bronte Sisters.

If we discuss her Theatrical Work there are also a variety of works she had done in the past; Her debut appearance was in Shakespeare’s  Merchant of Voice. After that, she was the part of the new play by Evan Placey that explores the effectiveness of sex education in UK Schools. After that, her third appearance was in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Megan Parkinson , Game of Thrones

Alys Karstark

Lady Alys Karstark is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, and She is the daughter of Lord Harald Karstark and new head of House Karstark after the death of her father in Battle of Bastards between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. This was the fight between two bastards in this fight Jon Snow along with Sansa Stark fight against Ramsay Bolton to save the life of Rickon Stark who was in the prison of the evilest person, Ramsay Bolton.

After this war, Rickon Stark died by the arrow of Ramsay Bolton, but Jon Snow wins the battle and kills Ramsay Bolton. After this Battle, many houses pledge their services for the service of House of Stark in Winterfell and admit one true king in the north Jon Snow. Alys Karstak is one of them she is the head of House Karstark and pledges her self along with her house sword in the service of King Jon Snow in Winterfell in the council meeting.

Alys Karstark, Game of Thrones

During the meeting of Bar Council when Jon Snow tells his reliance’s that we need Dragon Glass to fight against White Walkers, Therefor we need from age 10 to onward every men women girl boy to dig the hole and find the Dragon Glass, At that time many lords start laughing on Jon Snow’s statement but Lyanna Mormont is the one who agrees to King in the North and ordered their lord and common people to obey the command of the king. She will also the part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

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Jon Snow also clears in this meeting I will not take their family house which is belongs to their family. At the same time Alys Karstark stand up in front of King in the north and he said to her century of our families fought side by side in the battle field i asked you to pledge your loyalty once again to House Stark to serve is our alliance whenever we need, Yesterdays war don’t matter any more but the Norths needs to bend together all the living north will you stand besides me Ned Umber and Alys Karstark now and always.

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