Maisie Williams Confirms She is taking Break From Acting

Maisie Williams becomes worldwide famous after the character of Arya Stark in HBO Fantasy TV Serial Game of Thrones, She joined GOT in very young age now she is 21 years old, And joined Game of Thrones since 11 years ago. Maisie in this web series younger daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark with the character name of Arya Stark. If we take a look in her character in GOT her elder daughter name is Sansa Stark which is played by Sophie Turner.

Maisie Williams Confirms About Acting Career

Both Sophie and Maisie are a very close friend in real life, Most of the time she has been seen together in different events or Award Shows. During in last months, we noticed Maisie Williams hair cut is something look like old age fashion like a vintage actress with pink hairs. During an interview when someone asked about her the hairstyle and her acting career She reaveld and said,

Game of Thrones, Maisie WilliamsMaisie

“I guess, I dyed it because I didn’t want to work, It’s a pretty good way of stopping that, And it just feels so good, so me”.

It means we can’t see her after Game of Thrones Season 8 because she is taking a break, That is a good and professional approach because it’s more than nine years she is the part of Game of Thrones and working day and night especially for the final season of GOT. There are many other characters of this web series also have the same reaction after the final season.

Kit Harington also reveal the same thing after the GOT, And express he is fed up by this part of his life that he spends on the set of the Throne, Because that is not me I want to explore more things in acting instead of stay here, That’s why he said no when someone asked him about the Spinoff of The Game of Thrones after the final season 8.

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These are the main character of Game of Thrones, and they worked day and night for the final Battle “Ice and Fire” and also give mix reaction because these things are very hard for them to work on midnight in freezing temperature.

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