Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are an Item

As Game of Thrones Season coming near to near with every passing day people start discussing this season and also about their characters and their personal life, Many character celebrities are always on the front page of the headlines due to their social life and own stylish life. If we take a look, who is famous after the part of got first and the only name comes in our mind Maisie Williams, She is just 21 years old and always steal the limelight and on the front page of the different social media and magazines.

Maisie William and Sophie Turner Friendship

Maisie William is just 21 years old and starts her acting career from Game of Thrones in very young age, on the other hand, Sophie Turner is only 23 years old and also got fame through her character in HBO Fantasy TV Serial Game of Thrones. Maisie William character name in the game of thrones is Arya Stark, and Sophie Turner character name in the game of thrones is Sansa Stark both are sisters in this web series.

Both celebrities also spend most of their time together in their social life like in interviews or different award shows, and They are both so close to each other people start to predict they are in a relationship. But the fact is that they are so close like a best friend, Maisie Williams admits Sophie Turner helps me a lot of time when I am suffering from past breakups. She is the one who always is there with me and always motivate me.

Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones

On the other hand Sophie Turner is in a relationship with Joe Jonas and also engaged with him, He is the brother of Nick Jonas, and even the husband of Priyanka Chopra Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are always together in different events this couple also attend the wedding of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra in India together and also spend quality of time there.

Maisie William is a relationship with Ollie Jackson they both met at school. Despite these relationships, Maisie and Sophie always make the time to do thing together and spend most of the time together while shopping and hoteling during in interview Maisie Williams said “Sophie helped me out through some messy break-ups and some friend break-ups. Whenever I’m like, I need help. This is more significant than anything I can sort out on my own; Sophie is my point of call.

Sophie Turner said, ” Maisie is definitely my protector, and I am hers too.” Both actress also kissed in each other that’s the main reason people start gossips about them but it did not work both, and they always keep it simple and make it best their friendship. And deny the people opinion who think they are an item.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Online

They are both in Game of Thrones Season 8 and also HBO release their Iron Throne picture last night, That increase the popularity of them towards their successful acting career.

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