Lyanna Mormont Doesnot Like Daenerys Targaryen in Winterfell

Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) is the most discussable character these days regarding the Game of Thrones, She is the lady of Bear Island, And pledge her house after the Battle of Bastards, And admit one true King in The North Jon Snow. During the previous season of the Throne, we have witnessed when Lyanna Mormont strictly stopped their old people from the House of Mormont when they start making fun on the statement of Jon Snow.

This happened when King in The North Start telling the main people in the North about the Dragonglass, For this purpose everybody needs to dig the hole and find the Dragonglass from age 10 to go one. This statement, people start mocking on Jon’s and at the same time Lady of the Bear Island standup and shut their mouth.

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Why Lyanna Mormont Hate Daenerys?

This is the most important question that why Lyanna did not like Mother of Dragons, What’s the connection between them what is the reasons behind this hate?.

And the answer is clearly people of the North mostly hate Targaryens because, on the age of King Aerys ll, They did very bad with the people of the North and killed many people from many Nobel Houses, If we put a light in this line Lyanna is the Lady of Bear Island inĀ  Winterfell belongs from North and her family lived here from a very long time and also suffer from Targaryen’s.

This is the main reason she did not like Daenerys Targaryen in Winterfell, There is another fact about this hate most people in the north also did not like Targaryen along with Sansa Stark.

Sansa Hate Daenerys

If we take a look back in previous season 7 when Jon Snow was going to make an alliance with Mother of Dragon in Dragonstone. Sansa warns him not to go there because she hates her too. And also said to her stepbrother many people in the North hate Targaryen because of their past behavior.

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If we take a look short promo of Game of Thrones when Deny arrives in Winterfell along with Jon and Sansa said with cooled hands and said: “Winterfell is yours, You Grace”. Many fans start buzzing after this promo, But Final Season of the Throne will reveal all these things on 14, April 2019.

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