Kit Harington Reveals How Game of Thrones Changed My Life

Kit Harington

Ki Harington is an English actor and producer. He was born in Acton, London, the United Kingdom on 26, December 1986. He got fame by the character of Jon Snow in HBO Fantasy TV Serial Game of Thrones. He is the most prominent and famous character of Game of Thrones. Kit reveals how GOT changed his life.

When he was 23 years old when he joined GOT, and now he is 32 years old and also a married man. He was married to his co-star on the set of game of thrones. His wife name is Rose Leslie who was also the part of GOT. They fall in love during the shooting of this web series, and after that, they got married.

In this marriage, there is much Game of Thrones characters including Emilia Clark, Peter Dinklage who joined their precious time. The kit also revealed during an interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Watch and said about the GOT.

game of thrones, kit harington

I met my wife in this show so, hopefully, it gave me my future family and my life from here on, It has changed my life completely. You could not ask for a better job than to be an actor in Game of Thrones”.

Kit Harington who is the character of Jon Snow and become worldwide famous due to his best acting skills also reveal about his role in this HBO web series.

“I get a lot of love because a lot of people seems to root for Jon. There’s a lot of other people like Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) who just get abuse in the street”.

Kit Harington Game of Thrones

Kit (Jon Snow) also admit he cried last week after reading the ending of Game of Thrones. This all about the love of Game of Thrones because he is working with GOT for the previous nine years. His character Jon Snow is the most loveable and famous character for the Game of Thrones Season 8.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Watch Online

He spends most of his time in the game of thrones by the tag of bastard son of the famous character Eddard Stark, But he survives from all these things and now become the one true King in The North and take back his fathers place Winterfall from the Ramsay Bolton. Many people discuss Jon’s character for the final season 8.

Because Kit Harrington also admit Game of Thrones changed his life and take him to the peak of success and also he met his wife there. He will be more famous after the final season of Game of Thrones.

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