Kerry Danielle Ingram Shireen Baratheon Actress and Death

Kerry Danielle Ingram Biography

Kerry Danielle Ingram was born in City of Slough, Berkshire, England in 26, May 1999. She is 19 years old and belong from Maltese ethnicity, Her mother name Sally and father name Derek Ingram. Her mother Sally raised her with two siblings. Kerry spend most of childhood in Werfield City. She spent her starting school years from Catholic Primary School in, Berkshire. After that Kerry moved to Charters School in Sunningdale. She want to enter in the world of acting that’s why she joined Redroofs Theater School in Maidenhead.

Kerry is 5 feet 1 inch tall, She has been a patient of Brittle Bone diseases called osteogenesis in past. She is active in different social medias have 233k followers on Instagram, And 31.5k Followers on Twitter account. Her debut step in acting career was HBO Fantasy TV Serial Game of Thrones With the character of Shireen Baratheon. This character lead her to the peak of fame due to her innocent acting skills and dialogue deliver skills. When it comes to her net worth $1 Million. More over she did many high budget movies like  Robin Hood in 2010 earned $321.7 Million and the budget of this movies was $200 Million. She did many other movies like “Les Miserable”.Kerry has blonde hair with blue eyes.

Kerry Danielle, Game of Thrones

Shireen Baratheon

Shireen Bratheon is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, She was the daughter of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Baratheon. Stannis Baratheon was the king of Dragonstone and also the the master of small council of ship by the king of Seven Kingdoms Robert Baratheon. Her mother belong to House of Florent Brightwater keep.

She has a scars on her pretty face by birth. Thats why she always keep her self in the castle and use to read book and spend time with her mother Selyse baratheon and also learn things from Devos Seaworth who always take care of her with his kindness, Because he was the main and loyal person of Stannis Baratheon.

Princess Shireen Baratheon was died due to her face scars. Actually the main reason behind her death was Melisandre who was an evil women and pray to fire and evil things. She joined Stannis Baratheon and teach him evil thing to get the Iron Throne. She gave him advice to burn his daughter Princess Shire to make happy God of Fire and this is the only hurdle in your way to Throne against your elder brother’s wife Cersei Lannister. Thats why he came to his daughter and ask her what he can do for her father, She is very innocent and at that time she was playing with a toy and didn;t understand his father’s intentions.

Stannis Baratheon’s all army standing out side and make arrangement for the sacrifice of the princess in front of her mother Selyse Baratheon at that moment when sliders brought her near to the pole and tie her with robe Melisandre hold the stick of fire Selyse tried hard to stop all this couldn’t did anything for her daughters life. Princess Shireen lost her life in front of her father and mother.

Shireen Baratheon, Game of Thrones

 Shireen Baratheon Actress

Shireen Baratheon is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, And the one and only daughter of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Baratheon. She was died by the hand of his own father for the greed of Iron Throne.

Shireen Baratheon Death in GOT

Princess Shireen died in season 5 episode 9. She was died due to the Melisandre and her evil advice’s to her father Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre gave advice to Stannist burn your one and only daughter because she has scars on her face that brought bad luck for you in future. There are many chances to Shireen return in Game of Thrones Season 8 to take revenge with Melisandre as a dead army. Under White Walkers.

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