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kate Dickie Biography

Kate Dickie was born on 4, July 1971 in East Kilbride, United Kingdom. She is an actress popularly known from Game of Thrones With the character name of Lysa Arryn. Kate Dickie is a five-time award-winning actress. She appeared in Stage shows, TV series, and movies. Kate is best known for her character as a security cameras operative Jackie in her debut movie Red Roads. After this movie, she won many awards for her best acting skills in this movie.

Kate Dickie also won BAFTA Scotland award and also won British Film Awards in 2016, When it comes to her personal and family life she has been married to Kenny Dickie, and this couple has one son, Who was born on 2014. Kate Dickie is mostly known a Scottish Actress, and her height is 5’6” with blonde hair and blue eyes. During her career, she did many movies like Prometheus 2012, Red Road 2006, Prevenge 2016, Filth 2013, Couple in Hole 2015, London Spy 2015, Native Son 2010, The Silent Storm 2014, Game of Thrones 2011.

kate Dickie , Game of Thrones

Lysa Arryn

Lysa Arryn is the fictional character of Game of Thrones; She belongs from House Tully as the daughter of Hoster Tully. Catelyn Stark The Lady of Winterfallis her sister, who was the most crucial character in Game of Thrones once, And married with Eddard Stark and mother of Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, and Bran Stark.

Lysa Arryn was married with Jon Arryn and had one son from him name Robin Arryn. After the death of Jon Arryn, Lysa Arryn becomes Lady Regent of the Vale on behalf of her son, The main reason she lived single life after the death of her husband she is in love with Lord Petyr Baelish. And want to marry him. And rule the Regent of Vale with Little finger (Lord Petyr Baelish).

HBO Game of Thrones Season 8

After the Battle of Blackwater Lord Baelish and Sansa Stark leaves kings Landing secretly and reach to the Lady of Vale Lysa Arryn aunt of Sansa Stark. Lysa Arryn jealous from Sansa Stark because she seen Lord Baelish intention and gesture towards her. She tries to throw her from the “Moon Door.” Because she wants to marry with Baelish, but he loves Sansa mother Catelyn Stark. After the death of Catelyn Stark, Lord Baelish attract towards Sansa, And Lysa Arryn didn’t bear this, and that’s why she wants to throw her from Moon Door.

Lysa Arryn, Game of Thrones

Petyr Baelish suddenly came and saved Sansa’s life and throw Lysa Arryn from the Moon Door that was the end of Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones. After that Petyr Baelish was sentenced to death when Sansa reaches Winterfell and Jon Snow her stepbrother gave the charge to her when he was going to meet Daenerys Targaryen about the issue of White Walkers. Patyr Baelish was died by the hand of Arya Stark the faceless lady of Winterfell by his own Dagger.

Lysa Arryn Son

Robin Arryn is the one and only son of Arry of Vale after the death of Lysa Arryn by the hand of Little Finger. He throws her from Moon Door and ends his mother’s life. Robin Arryn was also famous with the name of Robert Arryn in Game of Thrones. He was feeding in the age of adult with her mother’s breast that thing makes famous and unique of Lysa Arryn from all the GOT cast.

Lysa Arryn Actress

kate Dickie is the one who played the character of Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones, She is Scottish actress and got fame by the character of Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones, May b she will return in Game of Thrones Season 8 as the member of Death Army.

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