Jonathan Pryce High Sparrow Actor and Quotes

Jonathan Pryce Biography

Jonathan Pryce was born on with the full name of John Price born on 1 June 1947 in Carmel, Flintshire, in Wales UK. His parent’s name was Margaret Ellen and Isaac Price. His father and mother run a grocery store and have any link from the acting world. Jonathan has two older sisters. He starts his schooling from Holywell Grammar school. Later he attends Edge Hill college where he learns how to become a teacher. After that, he joined a Theater with production. Then on a random person who impresses by his acting skills apply on Jonathan’s behalf in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Where he got admission on scholarship.

After he graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he joins Everyman Theater Liverpool company. Where he Theater artistic director. After that, he joins the Royal Shakespeare Company. He made his first on-screen appearance in 1972 in an episode of “Doomwatch” in this play he played a minor role.

Jonathan Pryce, Game of Thrones

He made his first film debut in 1976, “Voyage of Diamond” in this movie he had a minor role but this movie takes him to the peak of success because this movie nominated in three times for Oscar nomination. His major work came to know in 1997 with the movie “Tomorrow Never Dies.” After that Pryce joins HBO tv serial Game of Thrones in 2011 with the character name of High Sparrow.

Jonathan Pryce has a long term relationship with Kate Fahy, and this couple has three kids in London. He is 71 years old now have white hair blue eyes, and when it comes to his personality, He has the best character with 1.83 cm, and his weight is 82 Kg. He did many movies which are Blockbuster and also nominated for different awards that why  Jonathan Pryce have a considerable amount in his pocket $5 Million.

High Sparrow

High Sparrow was the character of Game of Thrones. He lives in Kings landing leader of the religious sect known sparrow. Under his tenure, The Faith Militant was reestablished again and start working against the Queen of Kings Landing Cersei Lannister. Because the people of Kings Landing are aware of their right.

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere in The UK

In this organization, Queen Margaery Tyrell was also with them because his brother Loras Tyrell was the part of it. But Cersei Lannister planted a plan and gather them in one hall and tell her soldiers no one came out. Wildfire came out from the basement of the castle and became a fireball and burn all the people along with Margaery, Loras, and High Sparrow. After this incident, Tommen Baratheon the husband of queen Margaery commit suicide because he loves a lot with his wife.

High Sparrow, Game of Thrones

High Sparrow Actor

Jonathan Pryce is an English actor who played the role of High Sparrow in Game of Throne. He died in season 6 along with Queen Margaery, Loras Tyrell. This was tragically seen when these best characters killed in one recognized by the wildfire explosion. Sad to say he will play the part of Game f Thrones Season 8.

High Sparrow Quotes

Hypocrisy is a boil, Lancing a boil is never pleasant.

His sins do not pardon your own.

You are the few, we are the many, and when many stop fearing the few.

Sin leads us away from the sacred. And only confession can purge sin.

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