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Kit Harington Biography

Kit Harington is born in London 26 December  1986 31 years old. He is British from Nationality wise. An actor and producer. His fame spread all around the world when he starts working in Game of Thrones as a character named Jon Snow. This the main character and most potent in this season.

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Nobody knows this little boy create history and play his role on its peak. He Takes part in HBO tv season named Game of Thrones. His Character name is Jon Snow in this season he is a bastard son of king Ned Starck, in Game of Thrones he always takes care of his Stepbrothers and sisters. But his stepmother hates him for no reason.


Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, and His Father Eddard Stark is a well-known person in the north and also a king. Jon Snow always stays with his father and learn the techniques and fighting skills. After his father died, he goes to the high wall as a night watch and take charge of the wall after some years and fought many battles. In season 8 he will most probably be married to mother of Dragons Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

After the death of his brother and his stepmother, all his family lost in different land his older sister Sansa Stark in Kings landing when his father sentenced to death by the King Joffrey. His little sister Arya stark move to the other area and learn how to fight and many other techniques. During the guarding of great wall Jon Snow captured by wildlings as a prisoner and meet his queen Ygritte. Her Real name is Rose Leslie. She is also from the United Kingdom. Jon Snow is the essential character of Game of Thrones, in season 7 he moved to mother of dragons Queen Daenerys Targaryen to discuss all the white walkers. In this journey, Ser Devos Seaworth is with him. They will meet the mother of dragons and ask her for help. After that, Jon Snow along with Gendry and more essential characters start the journey to capture the dead man from a dead army under the leadership of White Walkers.

Jon Snow sent back Gendry for Gendry for Daenery’s help. In this mission Sandor Clegane also with him where they captured a dead man and came back after a long struggle. Jon Snow came back to his queen Daenerys after that they all move to Kings Landing along with Tyrion Lannister to show the dead army person in front of Cersei Lannister. This is the end of season 7. After that two promos has been released in which Jon Snow has been with Daenerys Targaryen in which his step-sister Sansa Stark tells Daenerys Winterfall is yours you, Grace.

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Kit Harington Wife

Kit’s wife name is  Rose Leslie(Ygritte). They married June 23, 2018, with his co-star name Yegritte in Game of Thrones. Yegritte act wildlings role in game thrones season 8 they met when they are against each other in this seasons there are many intimate seen between both of them. After this part of Game of Thrones, their love story began, and they decided to take this relationship to the marriage. Rose Leslie is basically from the United Kingdom she was born on 9 February 1987 she is 31 years old now. Her height is 1.68m. Kit Harington height 1.73m

Kit Harington Net worth

 Christopher Catesby Harington net worth comes in impressive figures after the season of Game of Thrones. His estimated net value till now is $9 Million. And also take part in different TV shows, and serials like Gun powder but Game of Thrones give him a new peak of his carrier and his net worth, also do some commercials.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie,Kit Harington Wife


Christopher Catesby Harington takes part in different movies and series, but Game of Thrones give him name along with fame. There are many other projects in progress.

1 Testament of Youth

2  7 Days in Hell

3 The Greater Good

4 Brimstone

5  The Death and Life of John F.Donovan (Up Coming)

Interesting Facts

His Real name is Christopher Catesby Harington. He never knows his real name until he turns to 11 because his family called him Kit. Kit started his carrier on stage. He played a lead role in Warhorse while he was in still drama school. His hair is naturally curly. He accidentally punched Ramsy Bolton during the filming of the season 7.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

Most interesting fact about Kit he don’t has Twitter account till now because he is anti-social. He is too young when he lost his virginity. He is comfortable doing nude scenes on screen. Before he was a famous actor, he uses to work in a bookstore. He likes horror movies and will be part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

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