John Bradley Samwell Tarly Actor and Father

John Bradley

John Bradley is an English Actor born in 15 September 1988 30 years old born in south Manchester as Catholic. He has one sister 13 year older then him, He studied drama and stage in Hulme area of Manchester, And graduated from Loreto in 2007.

He support Manchester United football team because of his birth place and hometown, He did many other films like Anna Karenina, Traders, Man UP, Grimsby, Roger, The Last Dragonslayers, American Saten, Patient Zero. But he got fame all around the world and make his self famous in HBO TV serial Game Of Thrones as a role of Samwell Tarly in 2011 and still continued.

John Bradley,Samwell Tarly


Samwell Tarly

When we heard this name the one and only thing came in mind is Game Of Thrones which is world wide famous and billions of fans all around the globe.Its a dream job b a part of Game Of Thrones tv serial. John Bradley is a part of this TV serial as Samwell Tarly. when it comes to his role he is very shy and simple person in this TV serial and serve his duty in Nights watch and protect the Great Wall from wildlings and White Walkers along with his best friend Jon Snow.

In start when he joins Nights watch people there make fun of him due to his body structure and his coward behavior in sword  fighting but he never lose hope, Until he met with the great warrior and most prominent role of this serial Jon Snow, Who always motivate him and teach him how to fight he always stay with him and along with his wolf name Ghost.

John Bradley, Samwell tarly,

He is the first one in this season who see white walkers and tell ll Jon Snow. He is the first one he discover Dragon Glass  that is use to fight against White Walkers and dead army. He married to Gilly and always protect her from their enemies. After the nights watch duty he move to his land and work with old mans in a midical field library where he met  Jorah Mormont who has a problem in his skin due to Stone Man and the disease name is “Greyscale”.

Despite of all the restrictions Sam tried to treat Ser Jorah in secretly, its very painful to watch but in the end he id his job perfectly and make his again healthy, senior people all are surprised to his act and appreciate him after that. He is still alive in the end of season 7 and will see him again in Game of Thrones Season 8.

Samwell Tarly Father

Samwell father name is Randyll Tarly who is the lord of Horn Hill and  head of the Tarly house, He is the one who sent him to the Great wall serve as a nights watch because of the enemies who want to kill the Sam.Randyll Tarly has the one of the best commander in the westerose. When it comes to family tree of Tarly house Melessa Tarly, Samwell Tarly, Talla Tarly, Dickon tarly. all are death except Sam Talla and Melessa.

Samwell Tarly Actor

In GOT we seen many many actors but when it comes to Sam we can describe innocent and loyal one with his family with his wife and most important his best friend Jon Snow. He take the plane of GOT during the starting days and still part of it.Now he is with Queen Daenerys Targaryen.


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