Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster Actor Wife and Height

Nikolaj Coster

His Full name is Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Born on 27 July 1970; He is Danish actor plus producer. Nikolaj Coster got fame from his best acting skills in Game Of Thrones, He is part of this HBO TV Serial since 2011 and nominated for Emmy Awards for his best acting on the screen. He is 48 years old born in Rudkobing. He also was known as a screenwriter.

His father name is Fritzer Waldau, and mother name is Hanne Soborg Coster, Have two kids name Philippa waldau, Safina Waldau. Nikolaj Coster first appearance on the screen in “Hamlet” in 1994. He made his British movie debut in Bent movie. In 2011 he started working in Game Of Thrones as Ser Jaime Lannister and become worldwide famous after in 2013 he worked in 2 movies name Blackthron, Headhunters and Mama and these are blockbuster hits movies. But his mostly fame that he earned from Game Of Thrones that is still working on season 8.

Jaime Lannister actor ,Nikolaj Coster Wife

Jaime Lannister

He is the main leading role in Game of Thrones elder son of the richest lord of seven kingdoms Twyin Lannister his sister name is Cersei Lannister, and little brother name is Tyrion Lannister. He is the lord commander of the kings landing and fought many battles with bravery he has three kids with his sister Cersei Lannister the reason behind this act because they want their pure blood in their next generation who rule the kingdom after them despite her sister married with the king name Robert Baratheon.

He murdered the king that he supposed to protect and also lose his sword hand while he was captured by the enemy and after that he reached the kings landing after a long time with the help of Brienne of Tarth. This lady helped him a lot to in many points on the way of kings landing and fought for him when he needs.

How to Watch HBO Game of Thrones Season 8

After the death of King and his son Joffrey, he takes charge of Army with his sister Cersei Lannister who becomes Queen of seven kingdoms. In season 7 seven they met with Jon snow which is the basted son of Eddard Stark also he stay as a night watches along with Mother of Dragon to fight against with the death army White Walkers. His little brother Tyrion Lannister brought them together to discuss this matter with the queen.

Nikolaj Coster Wife

His wife name is Nukaaka Coster -Waldau she is a singer-actress and also misses Greenland in the past. Nikolaj have two daughters with her they have been married since 1998 they have a great understanding between them and make their time spear for their daughters and also for the family.

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Nikolaj Coster Height

He got fame from Game Of Thrones after that many people discuss his biography and his height. His real height is 1.88m, 6’2”. He looks great in the game of thrones due to his ideal physique and ideal height. He is a warrior in this role for this point of view height matter.

Nikolaj Coster Actor

He worked in many movies Shot Caller, Gods of Egypt, The Other women, Mama Black Hawk Down, Small Crimes, Oblivion, Kingdom of Heaven, A Second Chance, A Thousand Times Good, Nightwatch, The Baker, The Headsman and many other movies but his most famous screenplay in tv serial Game Of Thrones that take him to the worldwide famous. He will show his acting skills in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 8.

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