Isaac Hempstead Wright Bran Stark Height and Age

Isaac Hempstead Wright Biography

Issac Hempstead Wright was born on April 9, 1999, in Surrey, England 19 years old. He attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School whereas sources reveal that he had no interest in acting before joining a drama club for the sake of avoiding early morning football games. As far as his educational background is concerned, he was enrolled in the University of Birmingham.

He studied Maths, but he couldn’t continue it alongside acting as he was cast in ‘Game of Thrones’ as ‘Bran Stark’ back in 2011 when he was still studying in School, G.O.T earned him immense recognition across the globe.

Before starring in the critically acclaimed season, he used to appear in commercials, and he made his acting career debut from the super-natural drama thriller ‘The Awakening’. Issac has been previously nominated for two ‘Screen actors guild awards’ because of the meticulous acting skills he’s admired by his fans. The 19-year-old actor has also starred in ‘Closed Circuit’ directed by John Crowley, followed by ‘The Box Trolls’ released in 2014. Within a very short period, he has gained sound popularity globally.

Isaac Hempstead Wright, Bran Stark

Bran Stark

Bran Stark is the character portrayed by Wright based on the novel Game of Thrones for the Tv series streaming on HBO under the same title. Bran is the youngest son of Ed Stark. Bran uncovers mysteries and has seen appeared to be trained under the guidance of ‘three-eyed raven’ from whom he imparts techniques to master visions he uses to have. Furthermore, he’s the only son of Ned Stark after clarification of Jon Snow’s ancestry of Targaryen descent in the recent Season of Game of Thrones. He is the step-brother of Jon Snow.

Bran Stark is one of the few characters possessing supernatural powers gifted by one of their Gods after a dramatic result of his disabled legs caused by Jamie when he deliberately pushes Stark off the wall. His Little sister name is Arya Stark; he is different from his sister love to stay at home and see things with different perspective.

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His elder sister name is Sansa Stark, His mom name is Lady Catelyn, and father name is Eddard Stark who is lord commander of Winterfall and also take care of his land and give proper report time to time his king Robart Baratheon. Bran Stark Paralyzed in the stating of the season because he caught Queen Cersei Lannister with her brother Ser Jaime Lannister red-handed in intimate condition, Jaime throw him from the wall and he lost his legs after that, but he has great ability to see things in future through his vision power.Isaac Hempstead wright,Bran Stark,Isaac Hempstead Wright Age

Isaac Hempstead Wright Height

Wright is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, 1.8m he is a great actor and plays a great role in season Game of Thrones. Many people discuss his best acting skills during the season of Game Of Thrones.

Isaac Hempstead Wright Age

Issac Wright is still a teenager aged 19 years old being one of the youngest cast members of the critically acclaimed drama series of the century so far. His first major role in any big screen is Game of Thrones he is the very initial character of this serial and still a part of it through out season 1 to season 7 and 8 in progress. He is the last stark’s son who will b show his acting skills in Game of Thrones Season 8.

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